Can We Have a Foursome

Ginger’s red hair and Aquarius spirit commands discipline. She’s always in control.

Her hot Latin beauty of a girlfriend, Catalina, used to be content with pushing her buttons, like a good brat, until their extracurricular fun starts giving Catalina ideas.

It wasn’t the failed threesome nor the looking, Catalina’s first taste of what Ginger’s been dishing comes innocently enough.

One of their playdates yearns to be dominated.

Catalina’s caught holding the leash just when Ginger sets her sights on a new couple, Jake and Julia. With the stakes set higher and a new goalpost laid, will their relationship take the strain as Catalina explores domination and Ginger tries to score a foursome?

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How About a Threesome


Inspired by the challenge of writing Grey, the other perspective of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L. James. 

My Muse, A Literary Salon First

It’s Johnny’s first time at the Literary Salon. He captivates the crowd as he delivers his plea, begging his muse to reappear, to permit him to give her a glimpse of the excitement she has shown him. Watch the tale unfold through her eyes as well as his as they both experience My Muse.

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Inspired by Anne Rice's The Taming of Sleeping Beauty:

Mistress Charm's New Pupil

Helen is almost done finishing school, where the Mistresses of Grace, Charm and Beauty instruct the girls in proper etiquette and form, teaching the art of dignity, beauty and sensuality.  To encourage the utmost adherence to these principles, the Mistresses deliver expedient punishment when the girls require it, each classroom equipped with a Pandora’s Box of contrivances to deliver appropriate discipline.

Helen’s attention is torn between her teacher, Mistress Charm whose unique blend of dominance and femininity stirs Helen to dream of kissing Mistress’ boots and her boyfriend, Theseus, whose sinewy muscles and commanding presence causes Helen to question her place as dominant or submissive.

  Mistress Charm’s New Pupil is available exclusively on Amazon.

Can We Have a Foursome_ - Ginger Segreti.jpg

Catalina is a dark haired Latin beauty with an hourglass figure and an ass that pops. She considers herself a lesbian top.  Her girlfriend Ginger is a rebellious, red-headed Aquarius who’s half hippie, half career woman.  Her sexual identity is in flux and in her secret dreams she sometimes sees a husband.  Both ladies want kids, but first they need some sperm.

Catalina suggests advertising for a threesome and their sexual odyssey begins.  Ginger thinks of it as playing the lottery and enjoys the new found undercurrent of sex in her day-to-day.  Catalina enjoys Ginger’s jump-started libido. It’s as if they were newly dating again.

Their email floods with responses ranging from phallic to financial.  Fantasies abound and new boundaries forge as both ladies explore unchartered territory.

Choosing a man who likes to be aggressive but loves being submissive, they head out for their first threesome…

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Unhinged and Undone

Tristan takes exceptional care of his wife, Autumn. Every year for her birthday he selects a special someplace ending the evening with an amorous adventure.

This year he crafts a decadent indulgence for the senses and invites a male friend to join in the fun.

The surprise birthday threesome leads the husband and wife on an erotic journey of self-discovery and sexual satiety as they push boundaries and limits and dream to be DesireBound.

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