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My goal for last year was a year of sex. The outcome of my year of sex was transformation. I began the year symbolically inking a phoenix onto my torso. I quit my job during the summer, pierced my nose, dyed my hair and started my own company.

I was a good girl that flirted with being naughty. I went to college, got married, managed the corporate world and was miserable most of the time. I spent years building a hard-working, honest, ethical reputation that denied myself as a woman. I wanted to be respected for my mind – to be looked at in the eye with no appreciation for my feminine self.

I presented a well put together, good girl professional demeanor at work and kept my adventurous side for after hours. This act was exhausting! I was never truly authentic, always suppressing a portion of myself. I only allowed myself to be the part of me that I thought was appropriate instead of accepting and honoring my entire being.

Last year begins my transition to bring together all aspects of myself. I am professional, fun, adventurous, daring and unconventional. I love who I am and am proud of all that I have accomplished. This site is part of who I am and what I enjoy. Taboos be damned. I can be safe, accomplished and sexual! I can push boundaries and limits and be DesireBound.   –Ginger


This site is meant to be a sex positive environment.  Explore sexual themes from everyday experiences to fantasy, crossing between reality and fiction: ask questions, indulge in fairy tales. Enjoy the playground!

Submit questions, contribute comments - all I ask is that you're sex positive, base your words on equality and justice and mean well!


My mission is to explore sexuality in a safe and supportive environment; to demonstrate that women can be both frisky and adventurous while also being professional and successful.

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