Product Links and Reviews

Interested in innovative sex tech or sex positive products?   Here I highlight awesome companies and products.


THINX,  period panties for the sustainably minded women.  Thinx combines innovative technology to provide leakproof underwear designed as a one stop shop replacing the underwear plus pantyliner/pad combo.  The best part about this product – the company is also helping women in Africa.  Each panty purchase provides funding to an organization that gives reusable pads to women in need in Africa.  Thinx offers a variety of styles of underwear that hold differing amounts of fluid depending on the style.

Looking for an alternative to the little pink pill? Fiera offers a non-pharmaceutical solution to increase a woman’s desire, pre-play. According to Fiera’s research, in as little as four weeks, women who use the product have reported an increased level of sexual desire! Through a proprietary combination of gentle sucking and multi-focal stimulation Fiera works its wonder as its sits over the clitoris.  Three different silicon rings are available for a better fit as you explore the variety of patterns and intensities available to create a  personalized experience.



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Vibease bills itself as the world’s first wearable smart vibrator, creating an immersive experience for women.  Vibease enables fun with or without a partner through its innovative app available in both Google play and the AppStore.  Your partner can send a custom vibration your way through the app.  If you’re interested in solo play, you can browse and download fantasies complete with synched vibrations.

If you don’t yet have a Vibease vibrator, I’m pleased to offer you promocode DESIREBOUND for $10 off!