About me

I portrayed the professional good girl, career woman before relinquishing my briefcase for handcuffs and a whip. My background is all things business, while my current endeavors build on creativity.  I'm developing a brand integrating erotica, self-exploration/narrative and technology, with the goal that all three focus areas complement and overlap creating an oasis for the senses. I believe that as adults we repress more than is good for us.  I want individuals to be free to express themselves and see sex and sexuality as the adult playground it is—the place where we can act, explore, challenge ourselves and above all else—have fun.     

I believe in being the change I want to see in the world and actively engage in the best part of my job—the education and research!  I'm working at the intersection of technology and sex, building a sex positive experience through erotica, dream weaving and observations.  Embracing my passion for life, I embody a free spirit, pushing boundaries and limits on the journey to be @DesireBound.  

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