Focus and Simplicity

January 20, 2015 - Focus and simplicity – a mantra of the late Steve Jobs.  As I embark on my year of sex I have both to increase my focus and develop a state of simplicity.  I have to create my vision and goals and then assess action against this state of simplicity.

I have to re-evaluate actions against these new standards.  Am I living life as simply as possible?  Am I focused on my goals?  Am I creating the life that I crave?  Am I living up to my highest potential?

As I ponder how to stay focused and maintain simplicity, I decide that to further my year of sex I must be in the mindframe of sex every day. I have to reach down in my depths and call upon this primal drive.  I have to keep a current of sexual energy flowing through me as foundation to all that I do.  I have to bring my sexual self everywhere.  I have to nurture her and feed her.

As I reach and write something stirs within me.  A spark of excitement that perhaps I have been stifling? The possibilities are endless – the day dreams exciting.  I will honor myself – the sacred feminine every day beginning today.  I will foster this birthing energy within me.  I will unleash my creativity and sexuality.

Today is a new day celebrating this adventure.

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