The Lovers

April 6, 2015

The Tarot Cards

This past weekend I had my tarot cards read.  I'm fairly new to the experience, having only gone once before.  A friend introduced me to my Tarot Muse. She's great - knows her cards and her stuff!  I asked for a career spread.  Here's the down and dirty:

Division and reintegration of self

When I was new to the world of work I was open and honest.  My colleagues were “in” on my adventures and exploration.  I enjoyed the support I received and felt nurtured by many mother hens.  I felt free to be myself and acted accordingly.  

I worked hard and I played hard.

At some point along the road, I'm not sure when, I decided being open left me too vulnerable.  During a job transition I shifted more than just employment.  I created two selves – one that showed up for work and an after-hours girl.   

Maintaining the separation was challenging.  I lost sight of who I was, as a whole person. I felt like I was always lacking – never fully embodying the person I was at my core.  To protect myself, I destroyed myself.  

The time for this separation is over.  

As I transition into a Lovers year in the tarot, I am focusing on bringing these energies together.

I'm much stronger as a professional, skilled leader with a bit of a wild rebellious side than either the skilled timid or unruly wild woman I have been.

The lovers year is a perfect opportunity for me to bring about this meld as well as a great year to start my Year of Sex. Rather than throw all my eggs in one basket, I have a dedicated hen house to keep me in the throes of ecstasy for the year.  I have decided to focus on the theme of sex as I explore myself, my abilities and my interests.  At the end of this year my goal is to have written a sex themed book, prototyped a sex-related toy and of course created a unicorn* website, for those of you who can’t imagine a professional, strategic, female leader who can also be sexual, adventurous and exciting.

*A strange and rare girl, rather mystical

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Ginger Segreti