Father's Day Fun


Father’s Day isn’t just about your father.  It’s an opportunity to celebrate the special man in your life and the perfect time to plan a surprise he's sure to remember. 

Dim the lights, put on some mood music and make him his favorite drink.

If he’s action oriented

Sit him down in a chair with a half view of where you'll be getting ready.  Secure him to the chair, give him his drink and prepare him for a show.  You’ll be taking charge tonight.  Getting ready is as much a part of the tease as taking it all off. To up the ante, masturbate for him before getting dressed in your striptease outfit. Make sure you tie him down good, he’s going to want to participate.

If he craves structure

Take a soft but wide tie from the closet and secure it over his eyes.  This is all about your voice, his desires and communication.  Share with him your favorite fantasy.  Narrate your movements, each preparation a seduction.  Leave his drink with him and one hand free or make giving him a sip part of the fantasy. To up the ante, share a cuckold or threesome fantasy. 

If he’s a problem solver

Blindfold him and handcuff him to the bed.  Take your time getting ready.  For him, it’s going to be all about your touch.  Surprise him. Tease him. Don’t forget his drink.  Keep him guessing what’s coming next.  To up the ante, invite a friend.

Dance, gyrate, touch, caress.  Give him what he loves. And don’t forget his happy ending.

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