June 8, 2015 - 

I am sure you have had that weird glance at the bar that you casually ignore.  At what point do you begin to wonder if your nipple is accidentally out or you forgot to zip your pants?  Maybe you wore your underwear on your head?  Or that hookup from last night, left welts all over your body?

The joke goes something like if one person tells you that you are a horse, they are crazy,  If a few people tell you that you are a horse, there is a conspiracy, if ten people tell you that you are a horse – it’s time to buy a saddle.

I am not suggesting you call a farrier and get shoes, but I would strongly encourage you to take a walk to the restroom and see what’s up.

I had a similar experience with Kik. Randomly I would receive a message through the platform by someone I didn’t know.  Typically I ignored these messages interpreting them akin to batting eyes with someone at a bar until a similar theme emerged.  Many of these random strangers asked me if I was on SLS (SwingLifeStyle).

A little background: For those of you not familiar with Kik –  Kik is a messaging application for your mobile device that uses usernames rather than phone numbers – as the basis for Kik accounts. I have an account on Kik that I had set up a while ago to chat with someone I met on a social platform.  We didn’t know each other and I appreciated Kik’s anonymity. I hadn’t used the account in a while but I also hadn’t deleted it.

One day curiosity got the better of me.  I did a little digging and could not figure out what was prompting these unsolicited Kiks.  I hadn’t signed up for any Kik finder applications which should have kept my username semi-anonymous.  I decided to respond to the last message I had received. I asked the person if they typically ‘cold Kik’d’.  A dialogue ensued where the person indicated that I had included my Kik account on my SLS profile.  Apparently this is pretty common practice in platforms such as Instagram and the person just assumed they would give it a shot and send me a message.

I was consistent with my username across a few different platforms.  I politely thanked the person for their insight and suggested that they contact me through SLS if they were interested. I promptly updated my SLS account, adjusting the narrative and indicating in the body of my profile that I would not entertain unsolicited Kiks.

This got me thinking – To Kik or not to Kik?

Kik takes the opportunity for anonymous sex to a new level…. You set up an account, pick a username and you are free to chat with whomever about whatever.  No phone numbers, no real names – perfect scenario, right?!

Conceptually I like the idea of it.  Realistically, I still grapple with whether you can be sexually interested in someone who does not physically interest you. At least with dating sites, you can peruse a photo or two prior to taking the plunge-although like everything, you should take the pics with a grain of *horny salt*.

To Those Who Push Desires and Limits and Dream to be DesireBound…Have you ever used Kik for anonymous sex?