A Series of Firsts

My Muse, A Literary Salon First was released today.

It’s Johnny’s first time at the Literary Salon.  He captivates the crowd as he delivers his plea, begging his muse to reappear, to permit him to give her a glimpse of the excitement she has shown him.  Watch the tale unfold through her eyes as well as his as they both experience My Muse. 

I had created My Muse, A Literary Salon First as a short story to be submitted to the O’actually fest and worked diligently to make the June 30th deadline.  Unfortunately the festival was cancelled so I decided to move forward with offering it as an erotic short.   Many thanks to James of GoOnWrite.Com for his speedy turn around on the cover.

My Mistress Charm’s New Pupil cover is being showcased on a very special website Erotic Readers & Writers Association.  This site and author group has been a wonderful resource for me as a new indie author and I am grateful for their continued support and encouragement.

WantonReads posted my newest interview where I speak about my writing process and publishing.  Please feel free to ask me any other questions you may have either there or on this post!

Check out my interview and let me know what other questions I can answer for you as you pushing boundaries and limits on the journey to be DesireBound!