AnaOne, reclaim your sexy after breast cancer

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dana, the founder of AnaOno.   Her excitement and passion are infectious.  I left the conversation feeling as if I needed to do my part. 

For those of you who have been diagnosed or know someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, you understand how challenging a time that is.  The world may seem to be crumbling at your feet and your armor, the first garments that you adorn yourself with and the last that you take off, may no longer work for you.

This is where AnaOno steps in.  These undergarments are designed for your body, for your new reality, to empower you – to give you back the femininity, the control, the comfort of feeling good in your clothes. 

On the path to desire, don’t give up on yourself – reclaim your body, your sensuality, your you. Find a fit that works and work with it! 

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