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Free erotic short:  A morning workout, a sauna stretch and illicit sounds coming from the next room. What would you do?

The Sauna 

Copyright ©2017 Ginger Segreti.  All rights, including electronic, reserved by the author.  Do not reproduce in any form without the author's express permission.

I switched the light on and reached for the handle.  Dry hot air wafted by.  Rolling my mat out, I squatted.

It’s been three days. I positioned myself for my leg lifts, the first of a series of stretches I go through after every weight session.

The music pounded in my ears and I counted-one, two….

Huh. That sounded odd. The thoughts bubbled up between numbers.  I finished my set and shifted my legs, beginning again at one.

Heat filled the space. The temperature seemed to rise.  The numbers came automatically, thirteen, fourteen. I moved my legs again. My heart beat faster. My last set.

Was that? I laughed at the thought, yet my body responded.

A faint moan. I turned.  One, two I continued the set on the other side.

I heard shuffling. Are the saunas back to back? I replayed the gym layout, the configuration of the building. It’s possible.

I lowered the volume on my earphones and took a deep breath. My mind wandered to the hot guy that I passed this morning.  I recalled his bulging biceps and chest as he bench-pressed.  I replayed the way his whole body lifted up almost effortlessly during each pull up.  Man, he was hot.

I knelt, stretching my feet, my arms, my shoulders. I sensed more than felt the vibration increase, a slight shifting. I lowered the volume one more time.

His soft grunts seemed to float by and fill the air.

The sauna felt hot and steamy. Pausing momentarily, I traced the soft curve of my breast.

His moans grew in urgency.

I peered around the sauna and out the door.  The gym this morning seemed even more empty than usual, the holiday weekend, the early time.

I sat down in the corner. The bench almost throbbed from what I could only imagine happened on the other side of the wall. 

Sweat dripped down his muscular body. A towel lay casually around his waist. His hand pumped up and down. His face contorted. His mouth set in a hard line somewhere between concentration and ecstasy.

I reached around my gym shorts, grateful for the easy access, and leaned back. The sultry air seemed to caress my skin. I turned the music off and listened.

His masculine groans echoed in the tiny space. 

My fingers moved gently at first, tracing my panties.  Excitement and a sense of naughtiness pumped through my veins.

His moans deepened and came in short spasms.

The heat, the chance of getting caught, my finger swirled ever so much faster. My breath escaped in short, small puffs. My mind focused on visions of him. My body trembled ever so slightly.  My hand jerked haltingly.  I strained to keep stride with his manly growls.  My own soft murmurs echoed the heat from his body.

I could feel the tension mounting. Like a pressure cooker, I waited for release.  Faster and faster I moved. The bench shifted beneath me. His cries echoed in my ear. I couldn’t hold on any longer.

His moans exploded in a final cry of ecstatic release.

I cried with him. My own orgasm erupted within me. Waves radiated out from my center. The thrill; the heat; his hot sweaty body on the other side of the wall-these experiences washed over me.

My finger slowed. The sweat poured from my brow. I reached for my water.

Never have I enjoyed the cool refreshing liquid as I did in that moment.  I took a deep breath and grabbed my stuff.

What a stretch ….

The End.

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