"When I drive fast,” I drop my voice a bit at this point as if there were people milling about overhearing our conversation. “The vibrations in my car well, they –   they make me feel wanton.” I said seductively.

The Ticket 

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“Hi officer." My voice wavered a bit.  I slowly lifted my gaze, my heart thudding in my chest.

“Howdy ma’am,” he replied. “Do you know you were going a bit fast there?”

“I, well.” I paused, trying to figure out how to explain my predicament before charging on. “I’m sorry officer,” I replied. “I was just lost in the sensation. When I drive fast,” I drop my voice a bit at this point as if there were people milling about overhearing our conversation. “The vibrations in my car well, they – they feel really good.” I said seductively.

“Well ma’am,” he responded hesitantly.

I breathed a long heavy sigh. “I couldn’t really help it.” I said.  “The feeling – it just felt so good.”

“Well ma’am, I’m still going to need your license and registration.” He said. “I’m sure you understand, I have to do my job.”

“I’m sure you know what it feels like – friction in your pants. I mean…” I looked up in his piercing green eyes, batting my eyelashes at him.

“Ma’am, license and registration.” He said a little more sternly.

“Oh, yes, yes officer, just a moment,” I said as I opened my glove box and shuffled around a bit.  I grabbed my license from my purse and handed it to him as I continued looking for my registration. A few minutes went by and he cleared his throat.

“I’m sorry,” I said as I looked up. “It looks as if I don’t have my registration with me.”

“Well ma’am,” he said looking at me and looking at my license. He looked at me again and looked at my license again. “Ma’am I’m going to need you to step out of the car.”

“Ahhh, but officer I have my registration I just don’t have it with me. I’m sure you can check online or someplace! I’m current.” I pleaded.

“Ma’am,” he responded sternly.

“Out of the car,” his voice lowered and I barely heard, “I want to see how you handle friction.”

“Ok officer, but you know I’ve never done this before.” I looked up and batted my eyelashes at him again his green eyes pierced right through me.  My breath hitched just a bit, anticipation building, welling in my chest.

He opened the door, “Ma’am.”

I hesitatingly stepped out of the car.  “Be gentle.” I whispered, touching his chest.

“Ma’am, you need to step over there and not touch me or I may have to restrain you.”

I walked over to where he indicated and awaited instruction. It was a bit chilly outside and my nipples were straining against the sheer fabric of my blouse. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’d never been in this situation before.

“Ma’am, I need you to put your hands palm down on the hood of the car.”  I followed his instructions and waited.

“Now spread your legs and bend over,” he said sternly.

My crotch began contracting. Anticipation spread in my chest.  I wanted him to walk over, pull out his cock and fuck me against the patrol car on the side of the road while traffic whizzed by.

I couldn’t hide my arousal.  My face was flush and my breathing sporadic.

“Do you have any weapons on you?” he asked.

My mind queued his cock as my weapon of choice. He asked again, this time more forcefully.

“Oh, ummmm. No.” I breathed, wanting to feel him inside me.

To be continued....

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