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With a devilish glint in her eyes, she sat on my lap. I couldn't help but appreciate her slender frame and the way she playfully pulled at my lapel.   

Grinding her ass, she moved in figure eights. Back and forth, up and down, her ass teased seductively against my cock. “We’ve got time, right?” I ran my fingers through her hair.

Giggling, she fell backwards. Her hands gripped my shoulders.

I stared as her stomach and torso elongated. Her golden hair fell gently from her head and pooled around the floor. 

After a few moments, she thrust forward.  Her face bright with excitement and tinged pink from the movement, she sat upright in my lap.

“That was it—wasn’t it?” I asked looking at her eyes shining. “You just wanted to see if you could do it?"

She giggled again and nodded her head.  She resumed the seductive shimmying of her pelvis in my lap. Such a tease!

I felt the blood flow down, my cock pulsing with need.  I reached out and brushed my hand against her abdomen and gently fondled her breast. Leaning over, I caught her earlobe between my teeth and nibbled gently. “Sure you don’t have time?”

She pushed me away. “Just a quickie.”

Her words sounded as both an invitation and challenge. I wrapped my arms around her ass and stood, gently setting her on the counter.  “I have a surprise for you,” I whispered and walked out. I took the steps two-by-two. Striding across our bedroom, I walked out of my pants and tossed my jacket and shirt. She’s worth being late. I reached into my dresser and grasped the new toy that I’d bought.

Her little lap dance had given me a decent enough erection.  I grabbed the Je Joue Mio Vibrating Cock Ring and stretched the band, easily sliding it down my cock. I rotated the vibration bit so it would sit against her clit and cycled through the settings. Damn, why hadn’t we tried this before? I grabbed some lube. “Ready?” I asked and walked downstairs naked. The vibration hummed down my cock and pulled at my balls. 

I heard her whistle, a long, throaty, wolf whistle, the kind you expect to hear at a construction site. She looked heavenly. Wavy brown hair cascaded behind her head. Her arms extended, palms against the countertop and her body arched backward. Her legs spread invitingly. A black pencil skirt hitched up around her waist. The only thing missing was heels. 

I chuckled and strode up to where she sat on the countertop. I brushed a strand of hair from her cheek and we kissed, the hunger growing between us. I pulled her into me and let my vibrating cock pulse gently against her. 

I felt her tremor of surprise. She bit gently on my lip and swept kisses down my neck. She felt so fucking good.

I rocked against her, running my cock along her vulva. I caressed her back and breasts.  Reaching for her mouth, I invited her to a kiss. Animal desire swept through me as need, anticipation, and excitement mounted.  The time box a ticking master, fanning our flames. 

“Surprise me any day,” she spoke softly, each word an exhalation. Her fingers dug into my shoulder. “Now fuck me.”

I squeezed a bit of lube and quickly coated my cock. Our lips still entangled, I tickled against her pussy, running my fingers gently over the flimsy material of her panties.  She shifted toward me scooting her ass closer to the edge of the counter. 

Sweeping her panties to one side, I slowly thrust my cock into her. The warmth and wetness surrounded me and fired deep within my gut. I entered her and withdrew, keeping her waiting for more than my cock head.

“Oh, my…” She cried. Her fingernails dug into my shoulders.  “Fuck me.” She pleaded pinching harder. Her legs wrapped around my ass and thrust me deep within her.

The sudden movement surprised me. I almost lost it—her strength and need, the vibrations. I felt the rising pleasure pulse against my balls. “Oh, baby. You feel so fucking good.”

I felt like I was going to explode. 

Her breath grew jagged. Her legs guided me, rocking back and forth like a slingshot. 

I thrust. 

Her cries mounted. “Oh, yeah. Give it to me. Good. Just. Like. That.”

The Mio’s hum and my baby’s moans had me going. Her face tensed and she cried out, the syllables strung together escalating into one long sound. Her body bucked against me and that was it.  I felt the rising tide, my balls arming. Her warm, wet pussy, breasts jiggling, body out of control-felt so good.  

Our lips met as the last waves of my orgasm rocked through me. 

Her hand caressed down my chest.  Her mouth nibbled gently over my chin and neck. Her hips slowed. She brought her lips to mine. I savored the luxurious and deep post-fuck kiss.  It was sweet and satisfying with a hint of more to come. 

Her hair brushed against my cheek. She pulled away and her lips grazed my ear sending a tremor through me. 

“Thank you,” she whispered and scooted off the counter.  Pulling the hem of her skirt down she looked up at me, a naughty smile on her face. “Later.” 

I leaned against the counter and admired her. Her hair held that just fucked volume.  Her face and chest a flushed pink.  Her hands moved deftly over her body, straightening her shirt and skirt.

“How do I look?”  She nibbled the corner of her mouth.

My heart skipped a beat.  Resisting the urge to wrap my arm around her waist, bend her over and hoist up her skirt, I replied, “Gorgeous.”

She ran her fingers through her hair and blew me a kiss.  Walking out the door, she turned her head back toward me. Her eyes gazed up and down my body. “Tonight. Let’s play with my surprise again.”

“You got it, doll.”  I reached down and took the Mio off. It was well worth the investment. I wonder how it’ll feel jerking off with it? I cleaned the vibrating cock ring and plugged it in.  This morning was a quickie. Tonight, I planned on pushing this baby to its two-hour limit.   


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