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I placed the key into the lock and shut my eyes.  My heart beat much more rapidly than the gears turned. The door creaked softly. I looked around. Tempering my urge to explore, I stepped carefully into the house. The lights remained off. The shadows of furniture, our life together—everything appeared in order. No sign of my husband home, but that didn't mean anything.

I reached the foot of the stairs and grasped the railing. The instructions he had given were specific.

Go straight to our bedroom.

With one foot in front of the other, I walked purposefully up the steps. A sliver of light danced in the hall.  A single candle lit on my nightstand. A large white tag visible, For You, scrawled in beautiful script. The string attached to a black panty. A glass of wine sat innocently enough by the lace.  I reached first for the panty, then settled for the wine.  Swirling the rich liquid, I inhaled deeply. You’re so good to me, I thought, my mind on my husband-his gorgeous eyes, his lean body.   

A vibrant and graceful vintage greeted my taste buds. Curiosity got the better of me and I peered around the room. 

Are you here? Watching me?

I slipped my finger through the top buttonhole of my shirt. Slowly, I unfastened it and caressed my shoulders, then my breasts. Trailing my finger down my torso, I allowed my eyes to close and imagined you watching me.   

The wine slid down my throat. Warmth spread in my belly. Even the air seemed charged with anticipation.

My shirt dropped from my shoulders. Wrapping my arms around my back, I tugged the zipper of my skirt. Shimmying left and right, I wiggled it over my hips. The heavy wool fell to the floor with a faint thud. I sat down on the bed and enjoyed another taste of wine.

The panties on my nightstand felt soft and smooth. “Oh,” I murmured, surprised by the hole in the middle. You bought me crotch-less panties!                              

I scanned the room again, hoping you hid watching. I longed for you to see my smile and hear my laughter.  You love for me, the surprise and my excitement fueled the pounding in my chest.  

I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra. Leaving the material hanging, I leaned against the bed. I traced circles across my abdomen, running my fingers lightly over my skin. Using both hands I widened my pattern and slipped my fingers underneath the bra cups.

Small shivers of excitement sparked. The urge for a quick thrill pulsed through my veins. Would my husband appreciate the gesture or punish me for it?

I stood. Bending over, I let my bra fall away. The cold air blossomed against my skin. The skin across my chest tightened. My nipples peaked. Standing and sipping wine, I fondled a breast. A stray droplet of wine escaped my mouth. Pushing my tongue over my lower lip, I searching for it.

Are you watching my wantonness?

Desire and need washed over me. My pussy and my heart beat in unison. You left these for a reason. I ran the silk through my fingers and shook my head. Hooking my thumb in the waistband, I stepped out of the sensible pair I had worn to work.  I placed one foot in at a time and inched the new, unfamiliar panties over my legs.

I can’t wait for whatever you have in store for me tonight.

Securing them about my hips I traced the lingerie and sat down on the bed. Fascination kept my fingertips circling the fabric, experiencing the strange open yet covered feeling. Each light caress sent tremors through my body. I leaned back against the pillow, waiting.  

My thoughts slipped into a dreamy excitement. I tried to relax. The wine and my workday mingled.

What do you have in store for me, love?

DING. The phone pulled me from my haze. Open the drawer, the text demanded.

Goosebumps lifted across my breast and arm. I trailed my fingers over my pussy.

I want you.

Relishing the wait, but anxious for the evening, I gingerly extended my hand. Filling my lungs to capacity, I wrapped my fingers around the handle. I lifted my gaze and surveyed the room, yet again. 

Are you home, watching me?

I closed my eyes. The little girl inside of me hoped for something exciting. A game, a tool, a toy? Something I hadn’t considered? A sex toy shop breezed through my mind like potential Tinder mates.

To stay in my dreams or wait for my dreams to come true? An almost instantaneous decision and my eyes fluttered open. I peered into the drawer. 

Hmmm?  I cocked my head. A spatula and a tie nestled in tissue paper. Both displayed the beautiful scrawled handwriting. That’s it. The nagging frustration of not knowing dissipated. The tags looked like they were from Alice in Wonderland. Instead of ‘Eat Me’ or ‘Drink Me’, they said simply, ‘Pick Me.’  

I picked up the spatula and smacked it gently against my forearm. A fun toy, perhaps? Some light BDSM or maybe an escapade in the kitchen? Kitchen? Uh. I extended my hand across the comforter and sunk further into the bed.  Do I really want to go downstairs? Or cook even?

The tie promised a different story. I fingered the silk and laid the thin band across my chest. Definitely, not a shirt. My breasts spilled out every which way beneath the luxurious cloth.

Is this what you meant?

I knew the look of satisfaction that advanced across my face as I fastened the tie around my head. The exquisite material hugged my skin, a hint of what was to come. I closed the drawer and eased into the pile of pillows. It had been a long day at work.  

I love you, so much. My heart beat, full. What a fun surprise, like a pick your own adventure!  Perfect for a day like today when the idea of cooking, “adulting” or anything really where I had to do something seemed so unappealing.  

I craved the promise of the unknown, the experience of having my eyes shut and my body under someone else's control.

Will you dominate me tonight, my love?

The quiet settled around me. Tension I hadn’t noticed started to dissipate. I enveloped myself in the safety and excitement of waiting for my husband.

My mind wandered. My breath shifted. Fantasies of fairytales ran through my head. Will you arrive a knight in shining armor, a prince charming or a masked villain? Will you dare a rescue or keep me imprisoned? My body responded with a very real tension growing in my chest. The air pulsed with tension.

A hot breath wafted over my ear. “Good choice,” he whispered.

A tremor vibrated through me. His voice thrust upon me like the satisfying feel of a cool glass of water on a hot day. His hand delicately moved across my chest and shoulders. Bracing behind my back, he shifted the pillows beneath me and laid me down flat upon the bed. His fingertips pressed into my body, each touch magnified by his presence.

You’re finally here.

I thought but didn’t speak. My sole focus his words, his breath, his movements. He worked into my muscles. The remaining tightness and tension drained out. Beginning with my neck and shoulders, he progressed down my arms. A sleepiness settled over me. I began to drift off into a dreamy sexual tension. 

His hand worked up and down my forearm. His breath steady, his movements sure. He tugged at my fingers, pushed into my palms and rotated my wrist. One hand then the other. His mouth tenderly enclosed my fingers. Heat pulled at each one. His tongue licked and tasted, rousing me from my dreamy state-back to him and his sexual odyssey.

I squirmed. Longing and need pushed at my limbs. I sensed his weight shift on the bed. A tingling anticipation radiated across my chest. His strong grip enclosed my wrist. 

The metal clanked lightly before the cool smooth alloy closed. The faint click, click, click echoed in the room as the band tightened.

Like a marionettist, he moved my hand where he wanted it.   

I experienced the same cool metal on my other wrist. The stillness of the room disturbed only by the thump in my chest. I took a deep breath. Wiggling ever so slightly, I tested my confinement. The cuff sat just snug enough to be comfortable but tight enough to be serious. I stilled. Taking in the space and the silence, I settled in my restriction.

His movements magnified with my constraint. His fingers moved with my breath, tickling, teasing.  He caressed down my torso. 

A tremor ran through me.

Instinctively I pulled. The metal scraped against my wrists. Excitement and terror contributed to my warring feelings: euphoria and fear. One moment my pussy ached and the next panic threatened. 

I shuddered inadvertently, again tugging on my handcuffed wrists. I floundered, pushing my feet into the bed. 

Want to see me struggle?

His touch remained consistent, careful, but I heard the change in his breathing. A slight uptick in the rapid inhale-and-exhale. His hands dipped down lower. His fingertips traced the crotch-less panties.

Each stroke designed to tease and tempt me. Desperate, I urged my body against his fingers.

He laughed, an appreciating grunt. “Don’t worry baby. Let me take care of you.”  His other hand ran through my hair and stroked my cheek. 

I stretched and curled.  Excitement and anticipation dripped out of me. His body felt so good, so safe and sure.  His movements so practiced. 

But with you, I never know.

He loved me equally as much as he needed to own me. He needed me to give up control. I pulled at my arms, to show him how much he affected me. His appreciative grunt fueled me. I pushed back on my feet, writhing for him.

The blindfold softly moved over my nose. The handcuffs warm where my wrists lay against them. I thrashed. A cool breeze flowed where the heat had been. Chills cooled my searing flesh. I sensed his urgency. I heard his breathing. He surrounded me. His masculinity filled the room.

Each touch sent shivers down my spine. His body, his fingers woke me. He circled the area where the middle of my panties was missing. Up and down he stroked. Each gentle caress sent sparks of arousal through me. I arched to meet him. My body grew taut. Anticipation animated me. Excitement almost cresting. I didn’t want the moment to end, yet I willed for some sort of release. “I want you…to own me. Inside me, cover me.”

Suddenly his hands withdraw.

The room grew quiet.

A floorboard creaked.

A moment of silence that spanned what felt like an eternity elapsed. My breathing felt labored. Nerves on edge.

A humming noise I couldn't place disrupted the silence. The vibration grew louder. The air alive with excited electrons.   

An intense vibration shocked me. I shuddered. The concentrated surprise almost took me over the edge. I reached to occupy my hands around something, settling on the headboard.  My hands still restrained. The hum concentrated in my pussy. Waves of pleasure and excitement flowed through my body, everywhere yet nowhere at the same time.   

“Please,” I whispered wanting the penetration that teased just short of fucking me. I struggled to follow the vibration. My feet anchored on the bed. I thrust myself onto it. 

He chuckled again. His throaty, masculine, almost devilish laugh filled the room. "Slow down baby." His fingers danced across my skin.

The hum resumed. The sensation exploded in my pussy. The blindfolds, the handcuffs, my loss of control, his taking it. I wanted to scream but held it in.

I heard his breathing. I heard my murmurs and that hum, that subtle delicious hum. The vibration covered my clit and thrust within me. In and out, this sensation of full and longing. I braced my legs and rocked.  Feeling full and taken care of, I savored the sensation of him.

His hands worked my body. His mouth deliberately covered my skin. The gentle touch of his tongue exploded against my nipple. A tingling excitement dispersed over my chest when his mouth moved away.

I wanted so badly to clutch at the sheets, to beg for more.

I tempered my voice.

Instead, I focused on the vibrations.  My pussy and my clit hummed in resonating harmony, almost ready to sing. 

I wanted it to last forever and yet I couldn't wait. Gibberish flew from my lips in longer syllables. I clutched but my hands remained bound. I struggled with my feet. Anchoring them against the bed, I thrust my hips against the heavenly vibration. My body ached. Need and want centered my thoughts.   

I fell in the sensation, the noise, the vibrations, his breathing, my cries. Poised on the precipice, I could no longer hold it in. “Please,” I begged.  “I need more.”  

His teeth nipped my nipple. His mouth sucked harder. His weight shifted. His warm breath cascaded against my ear.

“Naughty girl,” he said. The vibration still hummed and his thrusts grew more urgent. “I promised you a surprise. And yet you beg.  I’ll punish you for that later.” His tongue swirled around my earlobe nibbling sensuously.

“But right now sweetheart, I want you to come.”

His words opened a powerful tidal wave. The glorious vibrations covered my clit and pulsed against my G-spot. Freeing the restraint that I’d been holding, I gave into the sensation.  

Arousal and desire overwhelmed me. “Oh-my-fuck.”  My hips bucked uncontrollably. His hands held me. His lips pressed against mine.

My orgasm was intense yet quick. Rebounding, I sought out his tongue. A superficial whole body satiation yet I wanted more.

Our tongues mingled. He pressed the vibration back into me.

I jumped. Squirming I pushed my legs out trying to get out of his reach. “Too much,” I panted.

He kissed me tenderly. His arms behind my head, he undid the blindfold and released my hands. The room had grown dark as the candle sputtered out.  Moonlight filtered in around the blinds.  I could see the contraption in his hand. It was purple with a white handle and looked magnificently devilish.

“What do you think?” he asked, holding one of the purple arms against my nipple.

I jumped again. Pleasure exploded like a promise.

“I'm glad you liked it.” The smile on his face grew.  “It doesn't mean you're off the hook for punishment later,” he cocked his head. “What did you think of your surprise?”

I reached for it. “I loved it. I can't wait to try it again. When did you get that?” I asked.

"We were talking at the gym. One of the guys heard about the Miss Bi from a friend of a friend and said it worked wonders."

“Sweetheart, if you want to report back, you can say it works more than wonders.”  I pulled him closer and we kissed again.  I can’t wait to see about my punishment.

The End


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