Pleasuracation in Philadelphia - First Friday of the Month

For a second helping of fire play, check out this week's PLEASUREcation event. 

PLEASUREcation is a monthly event at Philadelphia’s Pleasure Garden Club, a swingers member only venue.  This event is a Kink / Swinger / BDSM sex positive play party organized by Kati Kill.  Doors open at 9 pm.  You don’t need a membership to attend, just pay the cover fee.  The themes each month rotate and appeal to a wide variety of play.  The party is a mashup of swingers, polyamorous folks and kinksters.  Typical sex club rules apply – No means no, be polite, Don’t grab (unless of course someone asks you to!)….  If you have a question, ask.  Security guards keep the space safe and in order. Play party monitors have wrist bands and mingle with the crowd if you need assistance.

Three important items to note about PGC – the club allows smoking in most areas, has a no cell phone policy and is BYOB.  If you bring a phone, prepare to check it at the door.  This ensures a safe and private play experience.  Bartenders have some standard mixers.  Pack anything special you need to have a great night-juice, whips, lube, etc….

The Pleasure Garden is a large club with a variety of play areas that may or may not be open and available, for more specifics check out my comparison between PGC and Saints and Sinners Philly.

The January PLEASUREcation theme was fire massage.  The second bar was closed for the classes.  Each class lasted about twenty minutes and was capped at around fifteen individuals.   Kati called our group and we were off, ushered behind closed doors and invited to sit at chairs surrounding a massage table.

The instructor began with a little preparation information and some safety specifics.  She had everyone sign waivers and then began a short demonstration of different fire massage styles.  The instructor had a fire “bottom” – simply someone the action was performed upon.   She demonstrated each technique on the bottom and then came around to attendees and performed the same action upon each of our forearms.  The class was definitely a newbie oriented taste of fire.

The club was full and the music throbbed.  The private rooms by the lockers were closed, as was the newly opened expansion space.  The open play rooms behind the kitchen were available and saw some action throughout the evening.  People were dressed and undressed in a variety of styles from clubwear to kinkware.


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