Fun with Limericks

When was the last time you wrote a limerick?  I dusted off my poetry shoes last month for a writers challenge.  The energy felt infectious.  Words were flying across my screen, the activity more than I could keep up with.  

I gave it a shot, with metaphorical pen and pad twisting words around, looking for the magical rhythm and rhyming scheme.  Achieving success, I read aloud my verse one last time and hit send.  Imagine my surprise, when the poetry madam asked to feature my limerick in the Gallery. 

My vision it’s restricted

My pain is predicted

A sleight of hand

Left me a’tanned

Feeling all sorts of conflicted

You may recall me mentioning a great resource for erotic readers and writers alike - ERWA (The Erotic Reader and Writer Association).  From the blog, newsletter and private email discussion list to the original erotic fiction (including poetry like mine), current calls for submission, and professional advice for authors,  ERWA covers a wide variety of writing related topics. Not to mention recommendations for the latest releases in erotic books, Adult DVDs and sex toys.   

ERWA continues to be a great network, brainstorming arena and relevant topic digest for the eroticist and writer in me.  

Pushing the limits of my lexicon, dreaming to be Desirebound.  

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