May 27, 2015 - I was planning to go for a swim at the gym and was wrapping up with a little pubic hair grooming.  While the full body bush may be making a comeback I prefer the appearance of a well-groomed undercarriage.  I use a hair trimmer to minimize shaving irritation.  After removing stray side and top hairs, I reduce the overall volume leaving a high and tight cross between a postage stamp and martini cut.

As I snipped and pruned the clippers made their customary rhythmic vibrational drumming.  My sexual response cycle triggered. I was momentarily perplexed. It wasn’t the vibrations nor was it voluntary.  I was experiencing what one may term, acousticophilia – sounds that elicit sexual arousal. Although as a paraphilia, my research left me with little in terms of support, leading me to believe the term has no clinical recognition or relevance.

I felt like Pavlov’s dog.  The trimmer more often than not, signified intimate preparations.  Whether confirmed or anticipated, the buzz of the clippers typically led to sexscapades resulting in my body associating that sound with arousal. I had inadvertently trained myself that trimmers = sex.

Don’t get me wrong, I also found the more typical sounds of sex arousing as well – the moans and groans and grunting.  I was just surprised with this awareness -that something as innocuous as hair clippers could result in my panties in a bunch.

To Those Who Push Desires and Limits and Dream to be DesireBound…Have you ever found an unanticipated noise or taste brought the blood flowing to your loins, your pulse and breath quicken?