How to be Sexsessful?

May 18, 2015 - Get up early and sexercise. Start your week off by getting off!  Relieve stress and jump start your circulatory system.  Get your cardio on!  According to @LawsofSex having sex burns 3.6 calories per minute.

Consume a healthy breakfast.  After a carnal exchange, you have to fuel up, to prepare for the rest of your day! Restore your energy and kick start your morning!

Arrive early.  Come early and often! Studies have demonstrated a correlation between orgasm frequency and life expectancy!

Clean your desk and desktop. A clear workspace ensures that your nooner won’t backtrack your productivity due to scattered work!  Not to mention mitigating the risk of misplaced body fluid.

Build in time for unanticipated projects and tasks. Sexsessful people expect the unexpected!   You never know when the opportunity to engage in an afternoon delight or an am affair will arrive.  Be prepared!

Vocalize. Express your desires and communicate your pleasure.  Don’t be afraid to let go. Talk dirty, scream, yell, shriek, howl.  Whatever makes you feel comfortable and in touch with your body and sensations.

Update your to-do list and goals.  Accomplishments both inside and outside of the bedroom start with goals. What is on your naughty to do list?

Visualize sexcesses. By envisioning your desired outcomes you can better ensure your needs are met. If you have thought it, there is probably a group or website out there dedicated to it.  Research what you want and how you want it.

Screen urgent requests. Stay in tune with your partner; keep the lines of dialogue open.  Know when they need some tender, loving care.

Tackle the tough conversations first. Be open and candid with your partner and yourself.  Get past the discomfort.  Be receptive and supportive and the rewards will be worth it!

Make the extra effort to demonstrate your emotions.  If your partner is doing something right – let them know.  If they are doing something that you don’t particularly care for, gently redirect their attention to something you do like. If you aren’t sure – make a game of it!

Practice saying no. Sexsessful people know what they want and know how to say no.  Prioritize and make sure you take care of yourself.

Stay focused. Maintain an erotic focus and increase your chances of being sexsessful. If focusing on orgasm creates too much pressure, redirect your attention to your breath.

Remember you have time. To push boundaries and limits and dream to be DesireBound