Starting Over

August 12, 2015 - 

My journey begins with a novel,  How About a Threesome?  No, I didn’t start off with a short story or an erotic short, although I have published a few.   I always did like a challenge.  My background is business.  I wrote academic, persuasive peer reviewed, documented and supported narratives.  I successfully raised millions of dollars and here I am starting over as an erotica author.

I wrote and rewrote, edited, reviewed, adjusted, took a break and started over countless times.  To the point that I decided to cut the story into multiple novellas, rather than continue this tedious cycle of perfectionism.  I had an author colleague edit the first novella.  Satisfied, I researched publishing houses, submitted it and was accepted.  Done.  I thought.  And then I found a writing group.

The writing group-The Erotica Readers and Writers Association.  They took my words and drilled into them.  They found holes in the plot, the characters. They reminded me of the difference between academic writing and fiction writing.

Speak colloquialisms! Use contractions.  Write dialogue the way you speak with friends, not colleagues, not intellectuals.

The cycle resumed.  I reviewed and edited, adjusting the narrative based on their feedback.

Show don’t tell.

How the fuck do you show and not tell?  I mulled over this.  I researched and read.  Dialogue appears helpful.  Setting the scene, adding gestures, facial expressions.  How do I bare for you the inner workings of my characters if I don’t tell you about it?  How to show you a scene, a struggle, indecision without stuffing it down your throat?

Avoid long winded soliloquies.

But I’m sure I have read them, I argue.

And heavens forbid, once you show, definitely don’t tell afterwards!

You, the reader are intelligent.  You don’t need me to clarify for you what I asked you to infer from the sentence before.

Now I read stories with an editor’s eye.  I can’t help but notice inconsistencies in the narrative, in the characters.  Lines that have faulty references, missing objects, too much fluff, or worse, nonsensical words stuffed together in the guise of a paragraph.

All of these learnings, nits, and critiques have culminated in the narrative, How About a Threesome,  a story about two women navigating their relationship while toying with the idea of adding a cock.  Ever thought, I wonder?  Does that really happen?  How do you?  The first novella of the series approaches the idea of a Threesome as a contest.  They post an ad online and then vet the results. Perhaps one or two lucky candidates will make it to round two?

If you’re a couple considering consensual non-monogamy and wondering how the hell that works, How About a Threesome begins to tackle these challenges as well.  The book overflows with humor, fun banter and real issues while keeping the reader in a heightened state of arousal.  The topics are relevant, the writing exemplary and the sex is best read with company or one-handed.

My novella, How About a Threesome will be released the end of August.  Here’s a sneak peek excerpt:

Copyright ©2015 Ginger Segreti. All rights, including electronic,
reserved by the author. Do not reproduce in any form without the
author’s express permission.

I sipped my drink, a welcomed flavor profile compared to the cherry bomb. “Would you beg? Crawl on the floor?”  I grabbed his thigh with a tighter grasp and took my hand across his pants, feeling his cock underneath his jeans.  He stirred at my touch.  I enjoyed teasing and didn’t stay too long. Rather I trailed my hand up from his legs to his chest.  He seemed muscular under his shirt.

Catalina leaned in to me and whispered in my ear.  “Having fun?”

I kissed her in reply; a long, slow, sensual kiss, practically in his lap.  She continued to caress his head and neck. She wasn’t paying much attention to the conversation. She was like a little girl with a new pet.  He seemed mesmerized but still timid. He watched us kiss but made no move to join in, rather choosing to remain a spectator.  Our first round of drinks was almost gone before we knew it.

“Shots?” he suggested to no one in particular.

Finally, perhaps this would help loosen him up.  “I’m game, what do you think?”  I asked Catalina.

“Tequila?” a request and question in one.

The waitress came back and we ordered another round and shots.  We were serious and ready to crank the party up.  Slight touches were becoming a bit more adventurous.  We were getting comfortable feeling each other over our clothes, like horny teenagers.  I’d been lightly stroking his cock, just a little bit, focusing more on everywhere else.  He was returning the favor, a little less aggressively, caressing my leg under my skirt, but keeping a larger distance between his fingers and my crotch than I afforded him.  I leaned my face in, breathing hot against his ear and nibbled the lobe lightly.  He turned almost for a kiss and instead closed in on my ear.

“Can I kiss her?”  He asked innocently enough, his breath ragged.  Such an odd question! A guy was asking me if he could kiss my girlfriend.  My first instinct was to take him into my mouth before responding.  I was walking a tightrope making sure I was comfortable, she was comfortable and he was comfortable.  Better he kiss her first.

I moved my head, bringing my lips back to his ear and licked from the Helix to the Lobule and whispered, breathe soft and sensual, “Would you like that?  To taste her sweet lips and feel her tongue against yours?”

He grunted a response.  I gently took his face in my hand, and turned him to look at me. “Be gentle,” I instructed, barely escaping a kiss myself.  I nodded my assent and reached out to grab her hand grounding her in my approval.  She eagerly returned his kiss and intertwined her fingers with mine.

I unzipped his pants as he leaned in to kiss her and slipped my fingers past the zipper while he was distracted.  His body tensed immediately driving his cock to a rock hard stance.  I like the feeling of power his immediate response elicited in me.  This fueled my desire and my need.

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