The Ice Prick

August 20, 2015 - 

A searing pain brushed along my skin where my sunblock had failed me.  I retrieved the frozen towel and propped myself along the couch with a good book.  The towel formed a solid mass of stiff cold.  I wanted to place the flat towel over my scarlet skin but I gave up that idea as I struggled with the shape.

As my eyes scanned the page, my hand grasped the towel pop and delicately drew it across the worst areas.  Tendrils of condensation distracted me from my reading. A drop of water pooled upon my skin. Delicately I ran the cold cloth across my body, savoring the soothing sensation, watching the frosty smoke as it wafted from my body.

I inevitably burn the most awkward areas: the space in the center a little below my breasts, underneath my buttocks and the region where my pelvis meets my thighs.  A shiver struck as my towel brushed against my pussy lips.  It was an innocent mistake.  I played on this mistake, running the towel closer and then further away.  The liquid had begun to melt creating a much more pliable tool.  I started to work the cloth spreading it out, a little relief to my skin, a little tease to my cunt.

My eyes lost the page, my hand lost the book.  Suddenly I was grasping my breast with one hand the dipping the cold moist cloth into my pussy with the other.

“Need some help?”

I looked up to see a mischievous pair of eyes, a broad smile and hands placed conveniently out of sight.

I propped my legs open invitingly and trailed the cold cloth up my body as I shut my eyes.

A warm tongue slid up and down my pussy lips.  Hot breath fluttered across my clit and then a tongue drummed down in morse code, f-u-c-k.  Two quick taps, a long lick, three taps, a long lick, another lick, tap, lick, tap, lick, tap.

The heat radiating from my body was no longer just sun induced.  Warmth spread across my chest and bubbled like a light soda fizz against my skin. My pelvis rocked, following the code.





“Ahh.”  I jumped as an arctic chill hit my clit, followed quickly by a luscious mouth whose tongue dove in to kiss the glacier away.  Hot and cold, the sensation sent a thrill through me and a shiver up my center.

I sighed a long slow delicious sound as what felt like a smooth ice cube ran along the length of my slit.  And then blessed heat, the warmth bringing tingling to my crotch and moisture to my lips.  And then the combination overwhelmed me.  Cold slinking up my insides as a warm tongue lapped at my clit.  I shivered as the ice prick made its way back and forth, thrusting in and out in long, leisurely strokes.   The frozen fullness balanced by moist heat.

In and out. Tap. Tap. Lick. Lick. The motions carried me on an ever cresting wave as my moans grew in intensity and my body thrust against the cold, wet, warmth.

“More—Cold—Heat—Fuck—me—Harder,” I cried, my words carried on my breathe the sounds of delicious agony as the prick moved in and out, the tongue slide across me and the mouth dove in to kiss my cunt.

I dropped the towel that I had been clenching and bore down on my teeth, arching my back I grabbed the head that lovingly licked my cunt and thrust it against my pussy as I screamed my release and came, and came and came, as the tongue licked and the ice prick dipped. *

On the path to pushing boundaries and limits and dreaming to be DesireBound, I hope you enjoyed my erotic tease.  Looking for more sensual, textured scenes?  I have two erotic shorts out, Mistress Charm’s New Pupil and My Muse A Literary Salon First.  For the more adventurous, I offer a suite of menage and swinger stories.  

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