Happy New Year

December 31, 2015

As we look to close out 2015, I can’t help but ponder a quote from The Narrow Road to the Deep North, “A happy man has no past, while an unhappy man has nothing else.”

I spent the morning writing, working on a story that has been developing in fits and starts for at least the last six or eight months.  Each turn at the pages yields a slightly different feel to the story. My heroine’s character develops a bit more each time I immerse myself in her tale.

I pause now, feeling the weight of a new year, looming over my shoulders.  Shall I take stock of 2015?  Lament my losses and celebrate my victories?  Shall I consider 2016 and my goals for the New Year?

If I have no past, how can I learn from my mistakes and chart a new course?  If I dwell in times gone by, how then can I pull away, and look with a fresh lens on my path forward?

It is with this duality that I consider 2016.

Do I review my year of sex, and whether I was a sexccess or not?  How about my goal of simplicity?  I published three novellas and an erotic short through a variety of avenues including publishing houses and self-publishing. Is this enough?  Will quality over quantity win when the market continues to be flooded daily with new authors trying their hand at the trade?

What about marketing?  Are my website, postcards and business cards, on target?  During 2015 I delved into blog writing, producing a variety of postings from informational to promotional and even expanded my social media reach to pinterest and facebook while remaining active on twitter.   Are these efforts providing a good return on investment?

I explored sextech and aural erotica.  In front of an audience of strangers, I read an excerpt from one of my stories, live at an erotic literary salon.  I participated in author interviews, marketing exercises and blog exchanges.

What might 2016 hold?

More writing, blogging, marketing and most importantly, honing my craft, are top priorities.  I am excited to partner with a new editor, whose work I have admired for the last year.

For you, my readers, I wish you a prosperous and transformational year.  May you remember that every day, every action you make is a decision you execute.  Be present and take responsibility for where you are and where you want to be on the path to being DesireBound.

Happy travels.


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