Sustainable Periods

January 8, 2016

As some of you already know, I am interested in sextech.  Normally that means innovation in pleasure – teledildonics, VR, and games. Today I’m focused on health and wellness.

THINX combines innovative technology to provide women with period panties.  Leakproof underwear designed as a one stop shop replace the underwear plus pantyliner/pad combo.  They come in a variety of styles depending upon your preference and desired coverage.  The best part about this product – the company is also helping women.  Each panty purchase provides funding to an organization that gives reusable pads to women in need in Africa.

Combining Thinx period panties with a reusable menstrual cup, and viola – sustainable periods.  No more used pads and tampons to toss.  Rinse, wash and reuse!

This isn’t the first time I explored sustainable menstruation. My quest for an environmentally friendly period practice began years ago when  I first tried a menstrual cup.  During that initial attempt I was unsuccessful and quickly reverted back to a combination of pads and tampons.  Stores didn’t offer other options and the idea was lost almost as easily as I had acted upon it.

With Thinx the opportunity of a truly sustainable period was again a possibility.  I put aside my hesitation and gave it another go.   After some investigation I settled on a diva cup and purchased the appropriate size.   I watched the video and read the instructions, thinking about my day and how a diva cup would fit in.



On low flow days I relied solely on Thinx, even weight lifting in a pair of the hiphuggers.   No leaks, no mess, no waste!

My only regret is not buying more panties.  I purchased one pair of the hiphugger, the sport and the cheeky styles to start with.  Time to place another order….

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For more information on menstrual cups, please check out this site!

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I was excited with the prospect of reducing my waste as well as the freedom of up to twelve hours of protection- without worrying about changing products.  On the other hand, using this product required more planning.  The muscles that you bear down on to help remove the cup, are also the muscles you engage to move your bowels – so no shitting with the diva cup in.   Not to mention-removal, cleaning and reinsertion in a public restroom could end up a bloody mess!

I planned my day and set out.  Thinx on and Diva cup in.  I monitored the situation throughout the day.  There was very little in terms of leakage from the cup.  Honestly, it may have been fluid on its way out when I put the cup in.  The cup removal felt odd.  The sensation was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  Not to be deterred, I kept using the cup for heavy flow days, working through the weird sensation and pressure release noise.