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The Inaugural eSensual Erotic Audio Fan Awards 

Celebrate the achievements of Erotic Audio!  

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Nominations are live until August 15th. Submit your favorite today. 

Voting will begin on August 18th and awards will be announced on October 31st.

Listen as I tell the tale of my naughty secret.  Hear my words, my thoughts as I enjoy my travel friendly, always ready and waiting, never disappoints, Nova.  Let me share with you the game I play.  I like to read. The story doesn’t have to be smut or porn. It can be intellectual, self-help, mundane, fiction or non. The literature doesn’t matter.  Join me as I play my favorite evening game.

 Place vibrator here, and read.

eSensual Audiobooks ..listen as I tell the tale of my naughty secret.

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