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A lap dance tease leads to a late morning start.  

Grabbing a new toy for his girlfriend, he struts down the steps hard and ready, with a surprise for her that they'll both enjoy.  


The Ticket.png

The Ticket

"When I drive fast,” I drop my voice a bit at this point as if there were people milling about overhearing our conversation. “The vibrations in my car well, they –   they make me feel wanton.” I said seductively.  Read more....

A little heat melts the cold.png

A Little Heat Melts the cold

How do you take your snow, with a side of heat?  A wintry teaser for all of you who enjoy a snow day. 

I have a naughty secret—I like to read with a vibrator. Not just any vibrator.  My travel friendly, is always ready and waiting, never disappoints, Nova. The story doesn’t have to be smut or porn. It can be intellectual, self-help, mundane, fiction or non. The literature doesn’t matter. It’s a game I play.  

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Sun Burn.png

Sun Burn

What happens when you can't stand the heat? How about a little ice therapy?