Schedule Sex


With an ever growing list of To-do’s, commitments and things you need to “catch up” on, it’s more important than ever to prioritize.   

Especially in an age where social status is influenced not by how much you can control your schedule but by how busy you are

When we tell people we’re busy, we imply we’re in high demand. This enhances our perceived status. So the more we have affluence to dictate our own schedules, the less we actually do it.

Do you run from the moment you wake up?  From breakfast, to work, to kids, to gym classes, after school events and other commitments? 

Does this sound familiar?  

You're not alone in feeling exhaustion the moment you touch the sheets.  And then the alarm goes off all too soon to start the day again. .

No wonder desire isn’t at an all time high. 

We pack so much into our already busy lives, it’s hard not to always be in the mood. 

Compound that with the fact that women and men think about sex differently.  Or at least they think they do.  Women are more responsive and men more engaged with sexual drivers - thinking about sex spontaneously, frequency of fantasy....

This impacts how, when and where you're in the mood.    

So schedule a night or afternoon of fun. It may be just what the doctor ordered. Putting sex on the calendar gives you time to focus, to think about and get ready for a time to be intimate.

Plus it makes sense.  

You prioritize the things you want to accomplish. Why not prioritize you, your partner and your partnership?  

Got it on the calendar and looking for inspiration?  Try a fire massage or a little ice therapy for the heat.