Ready for some fireworks?

Light up the sky....jpg

Ready to relax and reconnect?  Don’t pack in too much to do, leave some space for the two of you.

If you’re the outdoorsy type, sneak away for an early morning or mid-day hike. 

Pack a picnic and don’t forget the blanket! Sunblock, bug spray, and an intimate toy or two will leave you with plenty of activities to do….

Prefer the indoors?  Add sparks to your holiday with a new immersive experience.

Makelovenotporn is a great site for those interested in watching amorous interactions without the media influences of mainline porn. 

Want something a little less explicit? 

Listen to a sexy story. Give reading aloud a try or leave it to the professionals.  Vibease and eSensual books deliver aural erotica designed to light your flame.  Vibease even offers free previews to immerse yourself in his / her voice before you buy.  Want to hear a sexy British guy whisper in your ears?  Try gaelforce.  How about one of my stories, straight from my lips?   

Nothing tickling your fancy? 

Try a rewrite.  Grab a glass of wine, a pen and paper. Pick a spot.  See yourself there.  Experience the temperature, the texture.  What sounds do you hear?  What do you feel? Pick a prop and let your salacious mind wander…. 

Don’t forget…..

Fireworks outside provide the perfect cover for fireworks in the bedroom.  Everyone off ohhing and ahhing at the light show?  Grab a moment to give your partner their own ohhhs and ahhs. No one will be the wiser.

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