Ladies, looking for the best ways to masturbate?

Being in touch with your body is an essential element of self-care. If you haven't checked-in in a while, set aside some time and get in touch.  Sensual self-exploration empowers you to know what you like and better enables you to ask for what you want in a sexual experience.  

Looking for a new or creative way to masturbate?  Try these alternatives:

Like contact? 

Begin at the top of your mound, over your clitoral hood. Run your fingers gently down the sides of your clitoris. Trail your fingers only as far as it feels good and then come back.

Alternate your pressure and speed. 

Prefer circles to up and down strokes? Using a fingertip from your dominant hand gently circle above your clitoral hood. Enjoy the indirect arousal. Try larger sweeps and round your clit. For a different sensation, take your movement lower and focus your circles around your entrance.

How about a tease?  

Begin with one finger. Gently tap over your entire vulva.  Play with the frequency and space.  Less space and greater frequency will give you more of a vibrator like experience.  For more of a tease, try more space and less frequent taps. 

For a totally different experience, add more fingers. Experiment with alternating individual fingers and moving as one.  

There is no right or wrong way to masturbate.  Find out what feels good for you….

Still not sure? Check out our fun facts on masturbation and learn more about the benefits of self-love. Looking for suggestions with toys? Try something a little textured.