Extra! Extra! Read all about it - The Textured Ice G-Spot Teaser

Glass is so versatile.  As a toy it works great waiting in the freezer or a drawer, ready to thrust mercilessly or caress delicately. 

The Textured Ice G-Spot Teaser proved to be a premium glass toy.  From the curved shape to the swirled shaft, the Teaser delivers a delicious tickle to all the right places.  The knob at the base provides plenty of grip to thrust into your play partner.  The blue swirl was almost hypnotic as it appears and disappears, swallowed by flesh.

I especially enjoyed the screams elicited from a rhythmic thrusting of the Teaser as the sculptured head slid against my partner’s G spot. 

On the receiving side, the toy delivers more than a tease.  The curved, hand blown glass feels exquisite as it plunges in and out.  The smooth hardness provides a satisfying thud as it hits the magical Gspot.

And who can go wrong with hand blown glass?  Easy clean up, great for temperature play.  An all-around, essential toy for your pleasure chest.  

This toy is brought to you by Bondage Bunnies - who couldn't love that name?!

Bondage Bunnies is one of the UK largest sex stores that specialise in Bondage equipment and sex toys. We are always expanding the wide range of toys, restraints, wands, whips, paddles and vibrators that we have on offer.

**As a company we believe that Angel & Devils can fall in love and that sometimes discipline is a necessary pleasure.**

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