Can We Have A Foursome?


Ginger’s red hair and Aquarius spirit commands discipline. She’s always in control. Her hot Latin beauty of a girlfriend, Catalina, used to be content with pushing her buttons, like a good brat, until their extracurricular fun starts giving Catalina ideas.

It wasn’t the failed threesome nor the looking, Catalina’s first taste of what Ginger’s been dishing comes innocently enough. One of their playdates yearns to be dominated. Catalina’s caught holding the leash just when Ginger sets her sights on a new couple, Jake and Julia. With the stakes set higher and a new goalpost laid, will their relationship take the strain as Catalina explores domination and Ginger tries to score a foursome?

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Following is a sexy snippet from the book. Copyright 2016, all rights reserved:

Heading back, I took my time. They’d reconfigured themselves. Catalina remained at the far side of the booth but Mr. 309 had moved from across the table to sit next to her. Her fingers danced across his neck, ears and head, her body angled toward him, the rest of the restaurant a backdrop. She exuded heat.

My anticipation intensified. Given the opportunity, I’d play tonight.

I sat down next to him, pressing him between the two of us, and began lightly stroking his thigh. “So, I was thinking about what comes next.”

The look upon his face showed utter captivation with Catalina.

“I’d love to bend you over and pepper that ass with heat while you tongue fuck her. Let’s see it.”

Blind obedience mixed with arousal. He stared at me, his expression less than love-struck, more than lust-dumb. A spark passed across his face. Almost in slow motion, he cocked his head and fumbled with his belt.

I smiled. Our back-end booth was private, but not that private. I traced his ear. “Later. Right now, I want to see your oral equipment.”

His tongue stretched out slowly like a wind up jack-in-the-box.

I glanced at Catalina. “Long enough for you?”

She smiled and nodded. He was putty in our hands. And so ready to give up control.

“I want you to be my pet,” I whispered.

He nuzzled into me, his eyes fluttering closed. He ate up the attention, as if submitting entirely to the sensory stimulation.

“I’d take you out, maybe to a fetish event and have you service patrons. Would you be open to that? Completely under my control?”

“Mmmm.” His face burrowed closer to my chest. “I’ll try anything at least once.”

I stroked his thigh, running my fingers down between his legs, my touch grazing his cock and balls. “Good answer. Let’s go shopping. I want to get you a collar and leash and a little pouch to wear.”

“A little what?” He seemed to come up for air.

“You know, a little pouch?” I cupped his dick through his khakis. “Something sexy.”

“Uh.” He looked back and forth between me and Catalina.

“Ginger, that sounds like so much fun.” Catalina clasped her hands together. “We can meet somewhere on South Street, have some drinks and get you a proper outfit.” She stroked his cheek.

I could see the indecision upon his face, the arousal and confusion, comingled with alcohol.

“We have to head out.” I nodded to Catalina.

“So soon?”

“This is just a meet and greet.” I leaned in for a kiss goodbye. “Next time, shopping,” I whispered in his ear, lightly stroking his cock.

Catalina’s lips met his as I buttoned my coat. Her tongue penetrated his mouth: her body heaved, her breathing hitched.

I reached for her and kissed her cheek, returning her attention to me. Her lips pulled at mine, the rush of heady arousal infusing the air.

“Bathroom?” Mr. 309 suggested. His eyes glazed over.

“Down, boy. Next time.” I slipped my arm around Catalina’s waist and led her to the door.

“Hey. Aren’t we leaving?” Catalina asked as I adjusted our direction.

“I have to pee.”

“Didn’t you just go? If we’re not hanging out with him, I want to go home.” She pouted.

I urged her into the small space and tugged her into the last stall. I shut the door and cornered her, using my body as a cage.

“Oh, OOOOHHHH.” Catalina’s mouth met mine. She embraced me, crushing me into her.

“Can you be quiet?” I nibbled on her ear and thrust my hand down her pants.

“Hm, mm.” She mumbled into my mouth, our tongues intertwined.

“You’re so fucking wet. You’re such a cock tease, and you get so wet over it.” I thrust three fingers into her. In and out, my hand struck a rhythm.

“Oh, mmm, yeah,” she breathed, pushing against me. Our mouths locked in hunger. I wanted her. I needed her.

I could feel her body give way. I sought her breast, her back, her belly. I wanted to have her, to feel her as I continued to finger fuck her. Her breathing came in shallow spurts as she lost control and her tempo peaked, her words a slew of syllables as she rocked against me, quaking.

I slowed. I withdrew my lips across her cheek and down her neck, nibbling and biting. I pinched a nipple and brushed a strand of hair from her forehead.

“So, what did you think?” I asked.

“I thought in your bathroom fantasy, someone fucked you.” She snuggled up next to me as we strolled out the door, into the cool evening air.

“Hey, I thought you left.” Mr. 309 stood outside, cigarette in hand.


“Pussystop.” Catalina corrected.

“That’s fucking hot.”

“I’ll tell you what’d be fucking hot right now…” I took his arm and led him down the alleyway. “Let’s see you whip it out and jack off.” I swept my tongue over my lower lip and then gently over my upper lip. Our gaze locked with an intensity that shot right to my pussy. “Imagine I just fucked Catalina against a wall in the bathroom. Shut your eyes, picture my fingers sliding in and out of her.”

He took a deep drag of his cigarette then glanced at her and back at me. He looked up and down the street.

“Didn’t you say you did this before? In front of a group of your friends.”

“Nah, my girlfriend did it for me.”

“I want to watch.” I ran my fingers down his crotch. “Feels like you’re thinking about it. About me fucking Catalina.”

“Hmm.” Catalina looked him up and down. She circled him, appraising him like a new car on sale and stopped on the other side of him, ghosting her hand over his bulge. “You do seem hard.” 

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