My Muse, An Aural Erotica

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In celebration of the monthly Erotic Salon in Philadelphia next week, I want to share with you my newest aural erotica, My Muse.  After my first visit at the Salon, I left inspired.  One of the Salon speakers lamented his muse, who seemed to have abandoned him at the most inopportune time.   My Muse A Literary Salon First was born of his carnal angst and is a quick read, low in the kink scale, MF romance with a bit of exhibitionism.   

My Muse, the aural erotica takes you on her journey, as she becomes his muse and is laid bare before the congregation.  Listen and vibrate along with Vibease, a hands free pleasure option. 

I sat spellbound as I listened to him read. The words he spoke reached a depth of me that I hadn’t felt ignited in a long time. I watched as his gaze alternated between peering out across the audience and sporadically descending to his notes. He would pause and then charge forward, his voice stretching from his lips and enveloping the space in a soft entreaty. It was as if his breath warmed me and compelled me towards him. His look was clean and polished, the only hint of ruggedness the stubble from a five o’clock shadow. Click to hear a free audio sample…

The ebook, erotic short which shares his perspective in addition to hers, is available on Amazon.  Barnes & NobleeXcessica, and Kobo.

A taste of My Muse A Literary Salon First:

     I squeezed my legs together as a shiver rippled through my body. Was I just so sex starved that his words ripped right through me or was it something more? The heat from my core was slowly spreading with a gentle persistence, my fuel his lust, my rapture his deliverance. 

          “My muse, let me please you, the way you have pleasured me.  The words that you whisper upon my ear, let me sing you a sweet melody.”

      Wondering if anyone else noticed, I glanced around. He had captivated the audience with his battle.  It wasn’t just me.  There were men and women whose shallow breathe and light pink glow mirrored my own enchantment. He had become the poet aphrodisiac and I, his devoted paramour.      

     My eyes closed and I was transformed.  No longer a woman in the crowd, I became his muse, his words whispered upon my ear, uttered for my sole benefit. I could feel his heavy breath tickling my earlobe as he nibbled his way down my neck, the tempered exhalation simultaneously hot and cold, raising the skin on at least half of my body.

 187 words from My Muse, A Literary Salon First (Erotic Short)   Copyright ©2015 Ginger Segreti. All rights, including electronic, reserved by the author. Do not reproduce in any form without the author’s express permission.

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