The Surprising Case for Porn


Otherwise titled, Is porn good for me?

Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."  A similar sentiment works for porn.  If you want it to be good for you, read on.  If you want porn to be bad for you, skip to the end.  

                Good news!  Porn is good for you.


Like a drug, you’ll want to watch your intake level with porn. It’s entertainment. View it like a Jackie Chang movie - stunts, smoke & mirrors.   

Porn is not a replacement for human interaction. Keep communication open with real life partners.  Even better, find ways to enjoy porn together. Did you know, orgasm is often a secondary reinforcer, meaning it helps link behavior and partner together.  

Porn offers a passive taste into new and uncharted territories. Explore different kinks and scenarios without the commitment. Considering sploshing? Voyeurism? Foot worship? Watch and see how you feel.  Before you try anything remember – safe, sane and consensual. Which leads me to my next point.


Porn is full of professionals. Just like you wouldn’t attempt a stunt from Jackie Chan, apply the same sensibility to porn. These are people paid to do a job. Don’t mistake fantasy for real life, even if the site claims that the actors are just like you and me. Never forget, porn is a business. 

Next steps:

Don’t over-indulge. Share liberally. Remember these are professionals.


Good news!  Porn is bad for you.


Like a drug, porn can influence the reward center in your brain, impacting the production of dopamine and other chemicals that are triggered during pleasurable activities. Humans are prone to conditioning just like other mammals. Through repetition we pair a condition with a stimulus and then reinforce it. In this instance the condition is arousal, the stimulus is porn and the reinforcement is typically orgasm. This can lead to intimacy problems, which brings me to my next point.


Viewing porn is like watching an action movie. You know what’s on the screen is Hollywood.  But we have real life experience to support that reality. Sex is a taboo topic that you don’t see, that society doesn't talk about. Without that education, viewers of porn may not realize or understand that porn is acting. It is meant to excite and engage in the same way that an action movie is. Porn is not typically meant to be a reflection of a healthy sexual relationship. 

If you're in a committed relationship and start to watch porn alone, you may be headed for the beginning of the end. Recent studies have shown a decrease in marital quality and increased rate of divorce for solitary porn watchers. Not all folks fit the mold. All I ask is that you don't kid yourself. Be kind to you and your partner.

Next steps:

                Porn, like any other potential vice, can be destructive if abused.   


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