A Cultured Fuck

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“Wanna read?”  His arms wrapped around my waist. 

His warm breath caressed my ear, sending shivers down my spine.  I giggled and pushed him away. 

“I’ll take that as a yes.”  His husky voice followed me as I darted away. 

His hand locked on my wrist.  He jerked. 

My feet, mid-motion propelled me back into his embrace.  Our eyes locked.  My chest quaked, the adrenalin pumping through me.

His fingers caressed my cheek.  He leaned into me and our lips met, his hunger meeting my own.  I felt the growing bulge between us, his cock hard underneath jeans. 

A slow murmur escaped my lips as I gently led him toward the esse, our lips still locked in heated passion.  “Not yet.” I mumbled and pressed my palm against his chest, pushing him down.

He stumbled and sat, reclining back, pulling me on top of him.

My knees straddled his hips.  Slowly, I released the buttons down the front of his shirt, revealing a bare, muscular chest.  “Mmmmm.”  I kissed down his neck and pecs. 

He sat up.

I shifted the shirt over his shoulders and slid my pelvis across his lap, rubbing myself over him.  Arching my back, I ground my pussy against the rough material of his jeans.  

He slipped his hands under my shirt, over my abs and between my breasts.  His body followed mine, as we slid over the esse.  Reaching behind me he unhooked my bra, his hands easily gliding bra and shirt over my head.  He took a breast within his mouth and bit ever so gently.  “So fucking hot,” he whispered.

My center throbbed.  I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into me, needing him closer.  Fumbling with his jeans, I unzipped his pants.  My fingers grasped the thick, soft hardness restricted by boxer briefs. 

He groaned as I massaged his shaft and circled his cock.  I tilted forward and we slipped further down.  I slid across the smooth furniture to the floor and pulled everything off.  His cock jumped at the freedom, proud and tall amid a sinewy muscled man.  Standing in front of him, I shimmied my skirt and thong over my hips and down my legs.  I grasped the thin silk of my panties between my toes and tossed them at him. 

He smiled. 

A hungry, aroused haze filled his gorgeous eyes, making me even wetter.  I walked to the other side of the esse and leaned over his face.  I ran my hands through his soft hair, pulling at the nape. 

He appeared surprised.

Upside down, I fluttered kisses over his forehead, nose and lips. 

His tongue explored my mouth and betrayed his need. 

Massaging his chest, I kneeled onto the higher slope by his head, shifting my body along his.  I hovered my pussy over his lips and took his cock within my grasp.  I felt his mouth widen over my pussy lips.  He began with a gentle suction, palpitating my lips and teasing the crevice between with his tongue.

I swallowed hard and tried to concentrate.  My body ached to be full.  I wrapped my lips around his cock.  My need fueled my movement.  I dove into sucking and licking his cock with a ferocity that he matched against my pussy.  I bucked into his face, riding his tongue, my body following his moves.

“You taste so good.”  He hummed against my clit.

I shook.  My mouth struggled to keep rhythm.  My center blossomed in a wave of sheer pleasure.  I moaned and arched.  His cock fell from my lips and I cried out, the orgasm ripping through my body.

“Oh, baby. Come here.”  He reached for me, shifting me around.

Our lips met.  I settled in his lap, rubbing my dripping pussy against his cock. 

He grabbed my ass, thrusting me more forcefully back and forth. 

Tearing my lips from his I whispered, “I want you inside me,” and nibbled his ear.  I pushed him back and tilted my pelvis, taking in just the tip.  I rocked over him, teasing him and teasing me.  His cock head moved in and out of my body, building the need, creating a delicious tension.

“Ahhh.” I moaned, fully accepting his thickness. 

He grunted in response.  “Yeah, baby.  Just like that.  You feel so good.”  He held my hips.  His fingers pressed into my ass cheeks. He urged me faster.

I fought to slow down, enjoying the change in tempo.  But I was primed, and ready to go.  His groans came in short bursts.  Each one a shot to my pussy, heightening my pleasure and building toward my climax.  I lost control.  My hips bucked and my body shook.  Hunger and anticipation intensified.  My chest heaved. 

He jerked.  His pelvis thrust against me.  His cock filled me. 

He grunted. 

One final animalistic growl erupted from his chest as he came. 

I fell with him.  My body mirrored his.  My hips engaged in a primal dance.

Overwhelmed with pleasure, I cried out. 

I reached for his lips as our dance slowed.  The afterglow of our intimacy lingered in a long and sensuous kiss.  I snuggled into his chest. 

He wrapped his arms around me and stroked my hair.  “Good story?” he whispered.

The End


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