The Aviary in Philadelphia

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The night starts young at the Aviary, an improvisational interactive theater utilizing concepts that involve fetish as well as BDSM, when the doors open at 8am. Your admission fee of $25 gives you access to the space until 1 pm, usage of the equipment and furniture and most importantly access to the resources, educators and monitors available throughout the venue.

The first floor has a lounge area, a coat check and some light refreshments for sale.  This is a drug and alcohol-free space, so you’ll find water, Gatorade, coffee and some snacks like candy and chips. If you appear visibly intoxicated or under the influence, don’t expect to play.

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The newbie corner is the perfect place to stop for newbies and seasoned players.  Mistress Thane and her partner VoltMeter are there to provide instruction and advice.  Mistress Thane comes ready with needles and sharps if that is something you are into or interested in experimenting.  While I’ve got piercings, I’ve never experienced a “play” non-permanent piercing. Mistress Thane broke my cherry, or rather the skin on my forearm. I wasn’t sure what to expect. She had me breathe deeply and on the exhalation, she punctured my skin. I think the thought of play piercing creeped me out more than actually having it done. It didn’t really hurt. As with everything, I imagine there are ways to make it hurt more. I’m sure as a newbie interested in experience, she went easy on me!

I wasn’t adventurous enough to try it myself or even watch while she did it.  But I did play with it once pierced. I pulled it in and out, shifted it back and forth. And then I took it and disposed of the needle in a sharps bucket. 

Voltmeter manned a table of dastardly implements made with a variety of materials, shapes and sizes from a wooden ruler, to floggers to whips.  He interacted with folks and answered questions about handling, type of feel and suggested scenarios.  Behind him sat a large wooden St Andrews Cross, ready to be used for practice with the implements on the table.  In the other corner, a large sex swing stand was positioned for use in the space and was occupied while we were there. Sir Brian engaged in an erotic knife, bondage scene.  

Upstairs the main dungeon and littles space were the main attractions.  Littles have their own room for stories, coloring and cuddles.  They were running around the space and playing. There were even some Disney sing alongs happening.

The ballroom held equipment around the perimeter and across the center.  St Andrew crosses, sex swings, massage tables, bondage frame, spanking benches, and other furniture were evenly spaced for usage and observation.

The room ebbed and flowed with people of different ages, shapes and sizes. Attendees were respectful of the space and the need for aftercare. Moans, grunts and giggles could be heard above the music. Rope bondage, flogging and caning were popular activities. Women appeared in dominant roles, men in dominant roles. Inclusivity permeated the space. Fire and electricity, spanking, even tickling could be viewed if you paid attention.

What isn’t the Aviary

  • A sex positive (in that you can stimulate the genitals and reach orgasm) playspace
  • A clothing optional space – No genitals / anuses exposed
  • A swingers club / A bar / nightclub

What is the Aviary

  • A community
  • A playspace
  • An inclusive environment


Who is the Aviary good for?

  • New play partners
  • Newbies
  • People who enjoy a space to play, clearance (how high are the ceilings?) and audience?  Get your voyeur on.

Looking for a glimpse into some of the activities that happen at the Aviary?  Check out my podcast with Sir Brian.  How about a lite BDSM read - Try Unhinged and Undone.