Forget New Year's Resolutions


Forget New Year's Resolutions – Try a new habit instead.

"Is anyone afraid of change? Why, what can be done without change?...Can you be nourished unless your food undergoes a change? Can anything else useful be accomplished without change?" - Marcus Aurelius

Commit to twelve new habits this new year.

One habit a month every month for the next twelve months. You can do it!

Is there a new activity that you’d like to try?  A class, a new skill you'd like to develop? Commit one month to give it a shot.  You can do anything for a month.

How about your relationship? Think of an area that you want to focus on. Looking for suggestions? Try gratitude or intimacy.

Thirty days of gratitude

Daily set aside 2-3 minutes for a journal entry about your partner and how they bring joy / love / happiness (fill in the appropriate word) to your life. Shower your partner with little acts of kindness to show your gratitude throughout the month.

Thirty days of intimacy

A month of intimacy can mean better communication, more physical contact. What does your relationship need?  Dedicate time to your partner and develop your intimacy. Give yourself device free time. Touch more. It doesn’t have to be about sex, but it can!

How about you?  What self love / care have you been meaning to, but haven’t gotten around to it?  Give it a month.  Pick up that floss. Try out that new exercise class, schedule time to meditate. Make time for you.

Set yourself up for success

Block off time and space this weekend to think through your list. You don’t even need to get all twelve yet.  You can start with the above suggestions or focus on an entirely different direction.  Just do it. Plan your first quarter. Put some time on your calendar to check in and plan the next quarter.  Set yourself up for success this new year. 


Check out next week's post with tips and tricks to help your new habits stick.  Ready to reward your planning? Escape with a good erotic book and perhaps treat yourself to a new toy.