Stuck on you, get new habits to stick!

Tips and tricks to help your new habits stick.

Forget what you should do. What do you want to do?  

How you frame this answer impacts your likelihood of success. “It’s our emotions that push us in ways that show self-control.”   Is it something you're doing out of gratitude for your significant other?  Out of compassion for yourself?


A sense of support and accountability can be the deciding factor between failure and success.  Find a group to help you get there or a person that you are willing to be accountable to. Better yet, find someone on a similar quest and help each other reach your goals, together!


You need to make space for your new habit. If you can, try changing things up to help make the habit stick.  “Derail existing habits to create a window of opportunity for new ones.”   Plan for your new habit. 

Lastly, use the SMART method to increase your odds of success:


Intimacy: I will spend 10 minutes every day connecting with my partner. Monday thru Friday after work and Saturday and Sunday in the morning.

70 minutes a week for the next month with no technology or distractions.


What are you doing? When are you doing it and how are you doing it?


I will schedule the time on my calendar and send the invite to my partner to help us both to be accountable.


My partner and I gain quality time from this habit. I lose tv time, which isn’t too much of a sacrifice anyway.


How frequently are you habiting? Times per week, hours per week, other metric, etc.?


Figure out how you'll achieve your new habit and build support for your success.


What do you gain from this new habit?  What do you give up?

My partner and I are starting tomorrow.


There is no better time than the present.

Don't be overwhelmed with New Year’s Resolutions.Begin 2018 with a new habit. Amaze yourself with your progress. 

Why not schedule sex if you've already got the calendar out?  Show a little gratitude with a surprise toy or share some erotica with that special someone.