Oh My God, Yes. (OMGyes)

If you have a clit or a partner who has a clit, you need to explore OMGyes.

Well worth the $29 investment, OMGyes provides more valuable information than porn ever taught you.  We forget, porn is like watching pro wrestling – the scenes are scripted and the participants pros.  This is fantasy league, not how you should expect to interact with a lady.    

The initial roll out of the members only site focuses on clitoral stimulation with a diverse set of real women.  Listen to what they like.  Watch the techniques they use to get themselves off.  The videos set the stage for each woman to share her experiences and insights.  If you play around on the site long enough, you may see snippits of orgasm glanced during the informational videos. 

       Practice, practice, practice.  

You’ll be rewarded with orgasmic encouragement while you try the techniques with your finger on the touchscreen.  

But be prepared to hear a lot of laughter and see a lot of smiling.  The focus is on the technique, not the climax.  Tips, tricks and insights pepper the pages.  If you have a special someone explore different strategies together.  While a few hours is sufficient to get an overview of the site, I recommend breaking it down and diving into one or two techniques during a thirty to forty-five minute session.  Watch the informational videos and practice.  Use the screen to warm up and experience the motion before bringing your partner into the play. 

Sex is a journey, not a destination.  Learn from the real Pros what gets us hot and bothered and what might shut us off completely.  Don’t forget to play, to push boundaries and dream to be desirebound…..

Interested in learning a technique for him?  How about exploring toys for him, her or both of you?