Three day weekend, perfect for intimate play

With a three day weekend on the way, how will you make it memorable? 

Have you ever scooped out a piece of ice and shivered, not just from the cold, but from the potential excitement in that ice?  Perhaps you’ve gone even further and purchased a glass dildo and began the ice prick journey?  Do you enjoy hot stone massages?  Ever had a fire massage?  Considering temperature play?   While I highly recommend fire massage, unless you’ve had some training, it probably isn’t a beginner Sexsport! 

To be a temperature temptress or tempter it doesn’t take much to get started.  Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling…

Ice cubes are a chill way to bring a shiver to the bedroom – You can order specialty trays in varying shapes or take a few condoms, fill them with water and freeze.  You don’t need a glass dildo to create frozen friction!

The Fridge or Freezer is a great source for a festive, squishy night, especially if you select themed foods.  How about a cock sundae or a breast parfait?  Lay down a shower curtain for easy clean up and be creative.  Enjoy the food fest fun! 

Cleanup can be scintillating with a hot or cold shower.  The bathtub is a lovely place for temperature play.  Blindfold your partner.  Incorporate different temperatures of water as you stroke and suck, soaping and washing each body part. 

Lead your partner from the tub, keeping the blindfold in place.  Towel dry them or leave them wet.  Light a few candles and play with the wax.  Blow the flame gently against their feet or other areas that may be sensitive. 

End the evening with a sensual massage.  You can use your favorite massage oil.  If you don’t have any on-hand, try a cooking oil such as almond oil or grapeseed oil.  Make sure your partner isn’t allergic, then go ahead and heat the oil on the stove, being careful not to burn it.  Check the temperature before you apply it to your partner. 

Congratulations on your exploration into the wonderful world of temperature play. Now that you’ve had a taste, try a little experimentation on your own! 

If you are looking for a guided play experience -  Pleasurecation  is always the first Friday of the month.  June 2, 2017 theme / class is Intro to Swinging for the Adventurous Newbie. 

Don't forget your play party bag.  Pleasurecation lets you get your kink on - from dog tail butt plugs to dildos and everything in between....

* PLEASUREcation is a monthly educational dance and play party held every first FRIDAY at the Pleasure Garden Club. This event is open to all  (Straight & LGBTQ) from swingers to fetish/BDSM and everything in between. Come and dance with the opportunity to play at your comfort level.  Just remember, you are responsible for letting others know what you're into and what your boundaries are.  Don't make any assumptions. The party starts at 9pm and closes at 2am. 

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