The gift that keeps on giving

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Mutual masturbation is a fantastic opportunity to share your pleasure with your partner. Demonstrate how you make yourself feel good and help your partner better understand your arousal cycle and personal pleasure preferences....

And don’t think you need to be an exhibitionist!

If the idea of putting on a show makes you cringe, here are a few options worth investigating: 


Getting Caught

The idea here is consenting, beforehand to being “caught” in the act. Part of this arrangement focuses on the communication aspect of your intimacy.

It’s important that you select a place that you’ll be comfortable and a time frame that makes sense based on you. It could be your bedroom, shower or other location that works with you and your partner. You’ll also want to make sure no one else is around to accidentally catch you. 

Relax and enjoy yourself. It’s exciting to watch your partner experience pleasure.  

try it


Why don’t you do it?

You may be excited at the thought but not yet ready to be so open.

Try a situation where you guide your partner as they touch you. You may intertwine hands or gently cup your partner's hand as they caress you the way you like it.

It’s especially hot if you provide verbal direction and encouragement. 

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Mutual Satisfaction

In this scenario, you and your partner masturbate together.

Choose a location that’s comfortable for you both. It may be next to each other in your bed or a different location that allows better visibility. Again, it’s about comfort and communication.  If doing in person is not something you’re ready for, try a phone session first. 

The best advice we can offer: Never stop exploring.

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