Alice Little


When I heard that one of my favorite podcast hosts, Tim Ferris interviewed a legal sex worker at the Moonlit Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada, I had to listen.

Tim typically invites the best of the industry to his show.  This NSFW episode covers sex tips, do’s and don’ts, music to set the mood, not to mention the insights of a legal sex worker, Alice Little.

A word of caution - a good entrepreneur is always promoting herself and her business. If she’s speaking directly to you, consider yourself her target audience and take what she says with a grain of salt.   

I specifically enjoyed the professional insights. Alice offers spot on advice for threesomes and some good overall tips but she’s not a doctor.  The benefit of masturbation and porn versus the potential for porn induced erectile dysfunction is probably outside her wheelhouse. 

Before listening prepare yourself for Alice Little’s voice.  It’s somewhere between Uptalk and Valley Girl.  If you scroll down Tim’s post there is a section “Show Notes” where he highlights discussion points and where to find them, especially if you are pressed for time or find her voice too iritating.

The conversation is reminiscent of the HBO show, the Cat House, less the real-life examples but with the same promotional twist.  Check it out.   

Lastly, enjoy the glimpse into a world you may never know.....  She claims a session can run from three to seven figures!

Enjoy tips and tricks?  Looking for a different perspective on porn? How about instructional online interaction?