My Muse, An Aural Erotica

I sat spellbound as I listened to him read. The words he spoke reached a depth of me that I hadn’t felt ignited in a long time. I watched as his gaze alternated between peering out across the audience and sporadically descending to his notes. He would pause and then charge forward, his voice stretching from his lips and enveloping the space in a soft entreaty. It was as if his breath warmed me and compelled me towards him. His look was clean and polished, the only hint of ruggedness the stubble from a five o’clock shadow.

Abstract Canvas, Aural Erotica

Listen as your hands free wearable syncs to the story, Abstract Canvas.  

My newest crush has a hobby. He’s just starting photography classes and I’ve volunteered to be his model. This week’s homework, portraits. 

As some of you already know, I am interested in sextech.  Normally that means innovation in pleasure – teledildonics, VR, and games. Today I’m focused on health and wellness-sustainable periods to be exact. 

Happy New Year

As we look to close out 2015, I can’t help but ponder a quote from The Narrow Road to the Deep North, “A happy man has no past, while an unhappy man has nothing else.