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A Surprising Shower Guest.png

The warmth from the shower cascaded across my shoulders. Tension mingled with anxiety. My chest tightened as his hand slipped around my thigh. We can't keep doing this.

The Sauna.png

A morning workout, a sauna stretch and illicit sounds coming from the next room.

What would you do?


It all started at the Flower Garden Walk. A long day, the perfect moment and an admiring gentleman. You would’ve done it too…..

The Ticket.png

The Ticket

"When I drive fast,” I drop my voice a bit at this point as if there were people milling about overhearing our conversation. “The vibrations in my car well, they –   they make me feel wanton.” I said seductively.  Read more....

A lap dance tease leads to a late morning start.  

Grabbing a new toy for his girlfriend, he struts down the steps hard and ready, with a surprise for her that they'll both enjoy.  


A little heat melts the cold.png

A Little Heat Melts the cold

How do you take your snow, with a side of heat?  A wintry teaser for all of you who enjoy a snow day. 

A long day at work left me feeling exhausted but my husband's message hurried me home.  

He likes to dominate me as much as he spoils me.  

Find out what he has in store for me tonight. 

I have a naughty secret—I like to read with a vibrator. Not just any vibrator.  My travel friendly, is always ready and waiting, never disappoints, Nova. The story doesn’t have to be smut or porn. It can be intellectual, self-help, mundane, fiction or non. The literature doesn’t matter. It’s a game I play.  

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Sun Burn.png

Sun Burn

What happens when you can't stand the heat? How about a little ice therapy?