For women, arousal without a prescription

January 20, 2016

When you aren’t in the mood, it can be a struggle to get there, an impossibility even.  This is when Fiera makes sense.  The more aroused you are, the more in tune with your desires—the more you will want intimacy.

As far as I am aware, Fiera is the first non-pharmaceutical device available on the market designed to increase desire in women.  Fiera exerts a proprietary combination of gentle sucking and multi-focal stimulation as its sits over the clitoris.  It is held in place by a soft silicone ring adhering between a woman’s inner and outer labia.

According to Fiera’s research, in as little as four weeks, women who use the product have reported an increased level of sexual desire!

Fiera is a before play tool, best used for five to fifteen minutes before embarking on an intimate activity.  The goal is to get your girl rev’ed up and interested in some action.  Don’t expect an orgasm, this tool is geared to stimulate you, not masturbate you.  Fiera is billed as a hands free wearable which means you can multitask!  Don’t go getting up to put the laundry away  – the idea is to put you in an amorous frame of mind – read your favorite erotica, listen to some mood generating aural stimulation like erotic fantasies through vibease, sonic erotica or your favorite primal beat.  If you are feeling particularly frisky, use this time to caress and pamper yourself.  Get situated in your liberator lounge, bed or favorite sexscapade location, apply a little bit of water-based lube (silicon degrades the silicon ring) and place Fiera.  More than likely your experience will be subtle – let Fiera do its job, while you help bring your thoughts into the equation.

One size does not fit all.  Fiera offers three different suction rings and comes with the two most popular versions.   The rings have been designed to be washed and re-used 3-4 times before being replaced.  The product comes with two types so you can experiment with what works best for your body. If neither of those seems a good fit, there is a third option available for purchase separately.  Fiera offers different pattern and intensity settings to create your perfect experience.

While the price tag packs a punch, compared to the pharmaceutical option, this solution offers a greater potential return and minimal chance of side effects. 

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