Dare to let go


The world of sex and sexuality is wrapped in qualifiers. 

What’s “appropriate?” What’s “inappropriate?”  

Everyone seems to want a say. Culture, family, religion, society pressure us to accept their view of right and wrong, good and bad.

Consider for a moment the change of seasons.

Look around at the natural world: leaves fall, trees remain evergreen; animals hibernate, migrate and stockpile for winter. 

Nature has no standard.

We don't question, accuse or pass judgment. We accept that each tree and animal knows the right thing to do. 

Why not apply this acceptance and non- judgment to ourselves, to our partners, to society?

Stop thinking of sex in terms of “should.”

Consensual sex between willing adults is no one else’s business. How you would like to be, in your play space, with your partner - is between you and your partner.

The only responsibility you have is to keep your play safe, sane and consensual. This doesn’t mean no kink, like humiliation, or other non-traditional play. Being respectful is about respecting your partner’s wishes. If your partner desires to be humiliated, respect that. Maintain a safe space and only engage in activity in a manner consistent to what you and your partner agree to.

As children, we play. We dress-up. We use our imagination and creativity to have fun. We aren’t limited by our bodies, our gender, time, space.  You can be wherever your mind takes you.

Enjoy that freedom and creativity today! 

It’s time to let go of preconceived notions that are holding you back.  Forget the “should have”, “could have,” and “would haves.”   

It’s time to be, to accept you for who you are, and who you love, and how you get off.

Let go of who you think you should be and allow yourself to enjoy what you enjoy. 

Be You.

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