'Tis the season...for role-playing?

tis the season for role-playing.png

Don’t retire that Halloween costume just yet. This season offers the perfect opportunity to try role playing. Is there a character or theme that attracts you? 

Start there. Imagine a fun filled fantasy with you as the star. Sketch the backdrop:


Does your fantasy start in the current time period or some other era? Clothes and accessories will help you set the stage. Consignment shops and costume stores are great places to start. Don’t have the time to shop? Be creative.


Try to find an event or location to help put you in the mood. If you’re a rookie role player, the more authentic the situation, the easier it’ll be to slip into character. 

Don’t fall into the trap thinking that you need the perfect place! Your imagination can transport you anywhere you want to go.


Now that you’ve thought through the when and where, spend some time on the action. Your fantasy doesn’t have to be sexual, although you can always add a happy ending to the plot! 

This is your opportunity to play, flex those imaginative muscles. Are you an evil tempter or temptress? Villain, hero? Are you looking to fall for the bad boy or bad girl? Have you been naughty? Nice? You can color in the stereotypical lines or stray far from the norm. 


You only need consent and a willing cadre of fellow fantasy lovers to make your dreams come true.

Figure out your co-star and leading cast. Write your backstory and any other main players.

Have you shared your desire with your partner?  This is a perfect opportunity to practice cooperation, negotiation and honest discussion. 

Be clear about what you are open to happening and what you don’t want. Share this with your partner and plan your perfect adventure.

Looking for more advice to craft your favorite fantasy?  Interested in reading fantasy erotica?