Surprisingly simple stretches to increase your passion


Did you know that yoga helps with flexibility and mobility?  Even better, it cultivates an awareness of the present. How often are you off in your thoughts of the future and the past without even realizing it?

That’s why yoga is so great for sex. 

A focus on your breath and the present.

Alignment with movement and wham, bam, thank you ma’am.  This simple pose opens your body to the breath and allows your sexual energy to flow.

Are you ready to increase your sexual appetite?

Get down on your hands and knees.

You’ll want to be comfortable. Don’t ever put yourself in a position that is painful for you.

I want you to go through a series of extension and compression commonly called the cat and cow pose.

Palms down. Connect with the floor. Feel grounded. Place your arms shoulder length apart. Knees against the ground, hip distance apart. Relax your feet. 

Lean your head back. Relax your shoulders and turn your tailbone up.

Begin to flow with the breath. 

In one fluid movement round your back. Pull your navel upward toward your back. Tuck your tailbone and tuck your neck.

Feel the breath as it flows through you.  Allow yourself to open. Feel your body. Become aware of the areas within your body that you hold tension. Choose to let the tension go or choose to observe the tension.



Inhale as your belly dips toward the floor. Feel the stretch along your spine. Exhale as your draw your stomach in, rounding your back.  

Relax into each pose. Experience the opening in your pelvis. Be receptive to the awareness and energy radiating down your spine and into your pelvis.

Remember that you are a sexual being.  

This simple yoga exercise increases the flexibility and mobility along your spine and throughout your core. Most importantly, this flow opens up your pelvic region. It helps to increase the movement of your sexual energy, to bring your mind to this energy.

Try doing these stretches a few times a week to reawaken your passion and desires.

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