Fun Factory Bouncer Review

The Fun Factory BouncerTake intimacy to the next level (1).jpg

I’m a big fan of taking the next step.  A text message to picture message. A hop to a jump, bridge to wheel pose in yoga.  So I was super excited when Fun Factory came out with the Bouncer, the next logical extension of the Smart Balls.

If you haven’t experienced the joy of Smart Balls – you’re missing out. The small insertion toy is branded to help with muscle strength: incontinence, post pregnancy, and general sexual wellness are the baselines for use and are all great uses. 

For me, for personal pleasure, I like to use the Smart Balls along with a clitoral vibrator. I pop the smart balls in with a generous amount of lube and grab my favorite vibrator. As my body speeds up, the smart balls begin to do their work.  A small round weight within each ball bounces and rolls to your tempo – it’s like an intuitive intimate massage. With a better than happy ending.

Now imagine that experience in a dildo. OMG! Forget AI, forget algorithms – you don’t need fancy tech in your vagina. This dildo does it all and more. It’s got a girth and heft to it that I like. The Bouncer provides a feeling like none other on the market. It moves with you. The three weights in the toy create a personal rumbling based on your motion.  Add a clitoral vibrator, a vibrating cock ring or butt plug and experience secondhand vibration through the toy.

The Bouncer also offers some options I’ve not tried.  The base is designed for harness play.  Even if harnessing isn’t your thing, you can easily use this toy on a partner. It’s even safe for butt fun.

I’m a sensory overload kind of girl. I need multiple stimulation points to get me out of my head, specially if I’m in a wham, bam thank you ma’am masturbation mood.  This toy, paired with a clitoral vibrator does it for me.

If you’re looking for a new sensation, a set of complementary toys or are tired of the same old vibration patterns give the Bouncer a try.    


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