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Looking for a little heat to ease the winter blues? Check out this teaser fantasy come true from Can We Have a Foursome?

I knock, you answer, “come in,” almost a growl. You’re seated casually behind your desk, your white-collar shirt buttoned up, but not all the way. Tie loose and hanging. You appear a bit disheveled but jump into conversation. We’re working out the terms of a merger and you’re obviously stressed. This isn’t going in your favor. You search my eyes for weakness as I stroll into the room.

“Have a seat.” You gesture to the chair in front of your desk.

I ignore you and walk around, sitting on the edge, next to you.

“Damn it,” you reply, as you pound the smooth wood near my leg.

“I told you, this wasn’t going to be easy. We’re doing you a favor. At this trajectory, your company won’t last a month. Take the offer.” I push the paperwork forward on the desk, casually giving you a glimpse of skin—more than you deserve.

“I’ve built this company from the ground up. I won’t be taken!” You insist.

I slowly stand and step behind your chair. As I lean in. My lips almost brush your ear. I lower my voice. “You have no choice.” I place my hands on your shoulders. After a gentle squeeze, I run both hands down your arms. With my breath hot in your ear, I whisper, “Just let go. It will be easier this way. If you don’t, your entire organization will collapse.”

“No.” Your fist pounds the table again.

I heave a heavy sigh. “You know the consequences if you don’t sign.”  I open my purse. “Stand up.”  I instruct, my voice no longer sultry and sexual, but intense, dominant.

You refuse and I quickly remind you the penalty will be worse if you don’t listen.

You stand.

“Remove your belt and hand it to me.” Pressing myself into your back, I tuck my hand around your waist, slipping the button from its hole and drawing the length of your zipper down your cock. I can feel you quiver beneath the pressure of my hand. Seizing your belt, I step away.

“Bend over.” I shimmy your legs open with my heeled foot. I layer the belt and draw it quickly apart, relishing the smack that reverberates through your office. Your skin feels moist as I draw your briefs to your thighs.

I take a moment to inspect you and appreciate the view from your leather shoes to your collared shirt. Your hairs stand on end. I stroke the leather down your back and over your rear. "Nice."

Whack - I strike quickly, not giving any notice of my intent.

You grunt and shuffle, slightly bracing for the next bite.

I casually stroke your ass with my palm. “You’re already turning scarlet,” I purr. “Would you like more encouragement? Or are you ready to sign?” I continue stroking your ass, giving you a brief reprieve to consider your answer.

“I won’t.” You pause, trembling slightly like you’re on the verge of a tantrum. “I won’t sign.”

“Tell me when.” I step back and take my time, positioning myself to begin your true punishment. The first sting, well that was a mere warning. Now I advance with a deliberate and steady rhythm, a light but noticeable force.

A slight knock at the door interrupts us.

“Oh, excuse me. Mr. X?” The door opens and a hot little secretary stumbles in as I flog her boss. Her paperwork falls. Her hand flies to her mouth and she stares like a little bunny waiting to be taken.

 “Ah, come here little bunny,” I coax as I pat her boss’ ass. I reach my hand for her and arch my finger in her direction.

“I, um...” she mutters, seemingly unable to move towards me or away.

I push you back into your chair and bound your arms and legs. “Stay put.” I walk to the little bunny. Tck, tck, tck, my heels echo in the small space.

Coming up behind her, I wrap my arms around her under her shirt. “Ah, bunny,” I whisper as I fondle her breasts and lick at her ear.

She arches into me. My hand slips from her blouse and slides under the waistband of her skirt. I lightly run my fingers over her moist panties. “Do you like that bunny?” I slip my thumb in and use my fingers to stroke her clit.

She murmurs and coos. Her body presses into mine.  

“Do you like that?” I stare at you, her boss.

Your face flushes and your eyes slide shamefully down to the floor.

My bunny hums in my ear. I thrust a second and third finger into her.

“Ah,” she moans louder. Her hips shift against me. I nibble her neck. She thrusts her head back. Her eyes shut. Her face tenses. Her breathing accelerates to a pant.

“That’s right bunny. Let go. I want you to scream for me.” I run my fingers through her hair and thrust a fourth finger into her.

A temporary silence fills the space. Her lips part as if she's speaking in a silent movie. Her face freezes.

I look up. Our eyes meet. A sadistic smile spreads across my lips as I feel the envy of your cock, your lips, your manhood. You avert your eyes again.

But I catch you.

A subtle coo slips from her lips.

“Come for me bunny.”

Her hips shot out as if a rubber band let loose. Her mouth unleashes the unspoken moment. A cry of ecstatic agony fills the silence.

A gush fills my fingers. A surge of wetness lubricates my own desire.

I slip my hand up her shirt again and caress her torso and breasts. “That’s my good bunny.” I slowly kiss along her neck as she settles against me.  Her body quiets. I withdraw my fingers and cup her. Rotating softly, I caress her. She snuggles against me. I pick her up and she leans her head against my chest.  I walk quickly to the couch against the other side of your office and lay her down. I kiss her forehead and cover her spent body with a blanket.

“You didn’t deserve that treat.” I sit back on the side of your desk. Your eyes divert back to the secretary. “You’re awfully quiet.” I reach down and trace your lips. I push the paperwork across the mahogany.

“Are you going to sign?”

You take a deep breath and grit your teeth.

“Silent treatment?” I place a palm on the table and lean toward you. “I know just what to do with silent treatment.” I reach for the belt.

Your cock jumps.

“Ah, so that’s the game.” I walk around you, slowly, playing with the belt. I slide it between my fingers. I loop it and stroke it. I hit the leather against my palm. I run it down your chest. I even stroke your face with it.

“No more.” I drop the belt in your lap. I push the paperwork square in front of you. “Tomorrow.” I nod at the secretary. “She delivers the signed papers to my office at 2pm.”


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