Stay Warm

Stay Warm.png

When it’s too cold to leave the house, take advantage of the weather and stay in bed. 

Look no further for ideas to help you get it on in warmth and comfort.


While research around sex isn’t as robust as we’d like, a small study that compared male and female orgasm found this interesting anecdote. Couples who were given socks to wear were more successful at achieving orgasm than their sockless counterparts. 


Not everyone likes temperature play. If your partner isn't a fan of freezer sports, give these three simple solutions a try.

Keep it in bed with you. Your body heat will raise the temperature of your favorite lube.

Place the lube bottle in a warm cup of water for a few minutes. Don’t boil it. Don’t microwave it. Most lube containers are not designed for that. 

The easiest fix – warm it between your hands. Depending on your circulation, drop a dollop in your palm and clasp your hands together for a few seconds, longer if you need it. If that doesn’t do the trick, add a little friction. Rub your palms together and viola!

Sex Toys

Warm lube wouldn't be complete without a body temperature toy, now would it? Try these super easy ways to warm your sex toys:

Friction wins, hands down. Usage will warm the toys to your body temperature, depending upon the material.

Want it warm beforehand? A good quality sex toy made of body safe silicone or glass should be able to be heated in hot water. If you aren’t sure, check out my post on materials. While boiling is a great way to clean the toy, for play purposes, don't get the water that hot. Keep to body temperature range.

Lastly, there’s a new product on the market to heat up your sex toys. Warm delivers the experience you crave across a variety of toys, even battery operated and rechargeables! You only have to wait about 15 – 20 minutes for that warmed up sensation. Get creative with the twenty minutes. Extend your foreplay, expand your anticipation.

Looking to Ignite your sensual experiences? Warm is on sale today. Need some inspiration? How about getting frisky in the Sauna? Heat yourself up today with my free erotic short.