Hanging out with Sir Brian, a podcast

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Join Ginger with her guest of the day, Sir Brian, a professional dominant and alternative sexuality educator and coach. Listen to their wide-ranging chat covering the difference between power and sex; the experience of rope and how individual kink is for each person.

Find out why some people go to the spa and others get spanked. 

If you’re curious how to read a person or get involved with bondage, listen to learn firsthand what Sir Brian recommends you need to know and how to get started.  


Show Notes:

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  • Who is he and how he got started
  • Getting personal with Sir Brian 2:19 – is BDSM only for sex?
  • Rope to free from your bondage
  • Kink as a means to break out of your day-to-day 6:20
  • The power of kink 7:55
  • How do you read people 10:11
  • You go to the spa – some people get spanked 12:10
  • No shame in calling a safe word 15:15
  • Rope – 16:41
  • Where in Philly you can Just hang out 19:45
  • Different body types and rope 20:53
  • Precautions / stay safe 22:45
  • Why we are all weird 25:25
  • There are no hard rules in rope 29:35
  • Human life is worth more than $X dollar rope costs 34:25
  • Red flag 37:35
  • Safety and straightness have nothing to do with one another 39:10
  • Jerking off elitists 43:10
  • A rigger joke 45:20
  • Words of advice for your younger self 47:10

Where can you find Sir Brian?

Rope demo at the Kink Shoppe

Rope demo at the Kink Shoppe

The Kink Shoppe

Live Rope Bondage Demos the third Friday of every month. Free to watch, $5 to be tied. Ready for that next step?  Sir Brian teaches rope workshops designed to take you through the basic theories of rope bondage. Learn foundational ties and experience rope bondage firsthand.  


The Aviary is an improvisational interactive theater night focusing on ontological deconstruction of the political theory concepts of Contract and Domination, as put forth by Carole Pateman and Charles Mills. It often utilizes concepts that involve fetish, as well as BDSM.



Kink aware / kink professionals – where to find a kink aware caretaker


Justine’s list *Does not appear up-to-date

Graffiti pier

Sir Brian Recommended resources:


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