Script your fantasy, Get what you want in bed


The back to school excitement is in the air. The change of season around the corner. What to do when the children are at school?

Have you considered scripting your own fantasy? 

You don’t have to be an author to enjoy the benefits of developing your desires. Why not write a steamy story or share a fantasy with your partner? You too can experience a glimpse into the love life of an erotica author. 

Take a clean sheet of paper. Set the scene that will set your sheets aflame. Don’t know where to start? Pick a location. It doesn’t have to be realistic or attainable. Let your mind wander or settle at the first idea that bubbles up. 

Can you picture it? 

What does the floor feel like? The air, is it crisp or hot? Is the sun beating on your chest or perhaps an owl hooting in the distance? 

Once you've chosen your location, pick your props. Have you dreamt of someone licking cream off your chest, or perhaps taking a brush to your backside? Do you fantasize about a nuru massage or fire caressing your toes?  What are you wearing in this dream of yours? How about your partner or partners? Is your fantasy themed? 

Once you have your location, props and characters, set the stage. 

What’s everyone doing? How does the scene play out? What experiences will your characters have? What sensations will you feel? Your partner? How do you respond?   

My love life reaps the benefits of my heightened awareness. My mind enjoys the stimulation.

Your love life can benefit too!

Once your story is crafted, share it with your partner. Arrange a play date to act out your fantasy. Read your fantasy aloud to your partner as you engage in foreplay. I won’t claim to have perfected the process nor harnessed arousal.

What I will guarantee - the only way to get what you want in bed, is to ask for it.

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